100 Horses on Blackheath

100 horses on Blackheath
I’m guessing for Olympics preparation… As spotted by twitter user @shaawasmund.

Seems it was the move of the King’s Royal Artillery to a new home in Woolwich. (Didn’t think we had a king)…

Another photo here, by @Lambpie1973:
Horses on Charlton Road


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20 responses to “100 Horses on Blackheath

  1. mr_chas

    Are these not the Kings Troop horses who moved into Woolwich yesterday ?

  2. Chris

    I think it was the Kings Troop, RHA who are moving to Woolwich as the riders were in military dress. They came along Charlton Road at about 8:40

  3. I counted 84 myself ;)

    Oddly enough, in times when I’ve managed to get to work in Camden early enough they too have umpteen horses trotting down Parkway so it made me laugh to see them this morning on the heath at home. I can only assume they’re going to do this quite regularly because the Camden horses seem to have been paraded quite often, although I’m rarely there now when they do that, but can ask colleagues who take earlier trains.

  4. Michelle O'Brien

    Since the end of the Libyan campaign last year Britain’s Defence Ministry has sacked the first 6,000 of 30,000 troops and axed half-a-dozen warships together with Nimrod surveillance aircraft and tanker aircraft and they are in the process of chopping the fleet of 130 Tornado GR4 bombers in half.

    As a result of the deep defence cuts occasioned by the economic downturn
    the UK would now struggle to mount another operation on the scale of its intervention in Libya, the House of Commons Defense Committee warned in a report today Feb. 8.

    And yet … military chiefs feel able to maintain large numbers of Army horses on the books. Why? What are they planning for? Another Charge of the Light Brigade? The last time horses featured to any significant degree in British military operations was World War One, and that ended in 1918.

    When is this country going to get real?

  5. Anonymous

    Around 60 or so trotting through the Village this morning, so it may become a regular event. Amazing to see only a handful of riders in charge of what were extremely skittish animals. Wonder what would happen if they got out of control, although I suppose the riders are used to herding them through confined spaces such as St John’s Wood.

  6. Anonymous

    Yip, saw them coming through the Standard Mr Anon. I thought it was funny that at the back was a bloke wearing a high-viz jacket. If you can’t see 60 horses in front of you……

  7. Charlotte Cooper

    It’s definitely the King’s Troop — loved seeing them the other morning. fair brought a tear to my eye

  8. I can’t be positive about this, but they were through yesterday as well so I’m wondering if this is a once every two days sight.

    Whatever the timetable, if you need something for the roses then Charlton Road is an excellent place to get some free fertiliser!!

  9. Trog

    They were out again for a constitutional this morning (25th Feb). Magnificent sight!

  10. Anonymous

    The horses were out this morning once more, a real sight to behold as they trotted towards Greenwich Park… Does anyone know definitively who they are and where they are going?

  11. They were out in force this morning (29th February) – who are they and where are they going?

  12. Franklin

    As the Bugle and several commenters have said, it’s the King’s Troop, Royal Artillery, recently relocated to Woolwich. Sheesh!

    Was lucky enough to see them trotting up Maze Hill this morning – an absolutely stunning sight. Most welcome in Greenwich! And left our toddler rather bemused…

  13. Up Maze Hill you say. Interesting, how many were there?

    I ask, because I was in Gambadelli’s at about 0900 when a dozen trotted by down Vanbuurgh Park road. There’s normally more than that so I’m wondering if they’ve taken to sending smaller batches via different routes to the heath.

    As you say, a great sight and one I can’t get enough of!

    • Franklin

      It was about 9:40 and there were about two dozen horses – half being ridden and the other half being led-alongside, except for the lead and last horses in the train, which had no riderless horses alongside (presumably so they can dash after any strays in an emergency, as well as the more mundane deflection of car traffic from the train). So I guess your theory about the smaller batches is right.

      It’s a very long ride from Woolwich to the Heath, particularly in the morning rush hour. Hope they have the stamina and patience to keep it up!

  14. Anonymous

    They must be very well purged before outings. Not a sniff of poo for the roses. The police horses regularly leave calling cards for the dog to roll in.
    Mind you, possibly a good thing rather than fifty or more stallion-sized bowel movements being spread through the centre of the village by heavy traffic.

  15. So much for splitting them up.

    A total of 54 of them through the Standard at 0900 this morning! 16×3, plus a triangle of 3 at both ends.

  16. Dan

    A little concerned, We live upon Blackheath Standard and most mornings, I’m pestered by my two year old Son …”Horsssseeees!??”… They seem to have disappeared???? Have they be re-routed or has some busy body complained about the less than 5 minutes of extra traffic they have to encounter?? Hope this isn’t the case as we should be proud to have them!

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