Another farmers market

Farmers Market in Manor House Gardens
This Farmers Market happens on the first Saturday of each month (i.e today if you’re reading this on Saturday 4th Feb).
It’s smaller than the one in Blackheath station car park, but still good value. When I went, there was a fairly comprehensive vegetable stall, a nice bakery, meat and a pickle stall.
Google Map below:


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5 responses to “Another farmers market

  1. Michelle O'Brien

    Does anybody know where you can buy fresh GOOSE EGGS and DUCK EGGS locally?

    Last year there was a man one month at the first-Saturday-in-every-month Farmers’ Market in Manor Park, Lee Green (the one featured above) who had goose eggs for sale. But it was a one-off and he hadn’t any for sale after that.

    I’m pretty sure I spotted some duck eggs for sale at the Blackheath Farmers” Market earlier this year but I didn’t see any there last Sunday

  2. Anonymous

    You could try contacting the Duck Egg Cafe at 424 Coldharbour Lane, Sw9. They may get their eggs from Brixton Market.

  3. Deptford Dame

    I have seen them for sale in Deli X on Deptford High St altho they do come in quite pricey, but are sold individually at least. Suggest you phone to check they are in stock before setting out.

  4. DK

    I have bought goose eggs in Borough market, but I’m not sure if that qualifies as local.

  5. Duck eggs usually every week from Mersham Game at Brockley Mkt, or there’s a stall in Lewisham Mkt sells them, and free-range hens eggs.

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