Olympics sessions at Clarendon Hotel today

Don’t forget that the informal sessions about the Olympics parking arrangements are being held today (Friday 3rd Feb) and tomorrow at the Clarendon Hotel.  I’m hoping to go along tomorrow, but if you manage to get there before me, please drop a note into the comments, and don’t forget to go and admire the ugly statue…

Also, the licensing for the big screen live site was agreed in a council meeting on 1st Feb. A pedantic thought: if I don’t own a TV license, and I watch the Olympics on the screen, am I breaking the law, or are Lewisham council?


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7 responses to “Olympics sessions at Clarendon Hotel today

  1. Anonymous

    Forgot to seek out the cavorting nudes but heard that Plod will not be knocking on the doors of Bugle Manor. Lewisham pays the licence fee.
    A few points:
    1. Little appreciation by attending LOCOG “experts” about the potential impact of closing the top end of Tranquil Vale at “peak times”. One peak coincides with the commuter rush home, so traffic squeezed off the A2 by VIP-only lanes and denied the alternative of Lewisham Hill/H&B Road will be forced through the Village. Prepare for jams stretching to infinity.
    2. No news about trains but a belief there will be MORE services to cope with the rush.
    3. LOCOG unaware that the “last mile” route across the Heath to Greenwich Park for tens of thousands of visitors will cut through the Live site – including the fenced licensed area.
    4. The Live site was located close to the Village to benefit shops and restaurants which might complain about visitors being directed away from them along Southvale Road and across the Heath. What about residents besieged by thousands funneled into the tiny, twisting and steep Southvale Road? Oops. In hindsight, perhaps we should have talked to them [and others overlooking the site]. Sorry about that.
    5. How will grass trampled by thousands of feet for 17 days be protected and restored? Errrmmm….still thinking about that.

    • Wolfe

      Don’t think there’s going to be thousands of people, except on the Cross Country day. The Greenwich Park stadium holds 21,000 and i suppose there might be a thousand or so support staff. Most of them are going to go to Greenwich station or use the boats. Blackheath shouldn’t really see more than a few hundred, maybe a thousand at most, each competition day.

      • Anonymous

        I understood there were 50,000 expected at Greenwich Park and the beer tent alone for the Live event is geared for 5000.

  2. anonymous123

    The meeting at the Clarendon Hotel sounds just like the meetings held in Dorset about the Olympic Sailing arrangements in Weymouth (actually in Portland, another seven miles further on!). The so called experts are doing it all on the computer – and the computer says YES so it must be right! No one actually bothers to try it out in person and see the real thing. Like I said before, they haven’t got a clue what they are doing!

  3. Kevin Bonavia

    I thought by and large there was quite a lot of useful information, but there still remain some important unresolved issues.

    First, residents’ parking. The operating times of the controlled parking zones in the Lewisham part of Blackheath will be extended to start half an hour earlier than normal (ie 8.30 am) and also operate on Sundays. Lewisham Council officers told me that there would be no charge for obtaining visitors’ parking permits on Sundays, although they were still working out what limit per household or business to apply (to minimise the risk of a huge number of valuable permits being handed out or sold on). In the meantime, it appears that a temporary increase of the penalty charge from £80 to £200 has been approved so as to deter games visitors in full carloads who think that £80 (£40 for early payment) would be worth the cost of parking next to a games venue.

    Second, use of Blackheath Station car park. Games spectators arriving at Blackheath Station will be directed through an opening in the car park up to the heath via Southvale Road (other station users will still be able to use the main exit as normal). What has not yet been decided is how much of the car park will be closed off for this purpose. If all, or too much, is closed, the effect will be far too great for local businesses to cope. The ball here is in the court of Network Rail, who take back control of the car park at the end this month. There was no representative from Network Rail to ask about this, so this has been added to the list of issues I’ve raised with them about their plans for the car park (please see and sign petition about charge increases here: http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/blackheath-station-car-park-charges.html)

    Third, the closure of the section of Tranquil Vale between Royal Parade and Goffers Road. Whilst this will be open for access to residents and businesses, it hasn’t yet been decided whether bus routes along that section will be diverted.

    Finally, the bus lane on Montpelier Vale looks set to continue being suspended for a few more months whilst Lewisham Council look into the possibility of permanent removal or redesign (this involves having to consult Transport for London and the bus companies). If a bus lane is re-instated before the games begin, I was told it is very likely that it will be suspended for the games’ duration.

  4. Anonymous

    Can someone clarify the road closure plans for Blackheath during the Olympics?:

    According to the maps I’ve seen, there will be nose-to-tail coach parking in Goffers Road and Duke Humphrey Road for the duration.. Both these roads will be one-way facing north and there will be no access from the A2.

    Bearing in mind that there is no access onto Wat Tyler Road from the eastbound carriageway of the A2, by what route will coaches be reaching Goffers and Duke Humphrey roads?

  5. Wolfe

    Anonymous, 50,000 are expected on one day only for the Cross Country. It’s 21,000 on other days and less for the Paralympics. I’ve got no idea if 5000 a day will turn up at the live site. They could, I suppose, but it doesn’t seem very likely. But I’m sure it will be busy if the weather’s good and particularly at the weekend or if a Brit is doing well…

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