Was Blackheath Cavern a chalk mine?

Blackheath Cavern Guide To Knowledge 1833 via Subterranean Greenwich and Kent
More from Subterranean Greenwich and Kent, on the exact nature of the Blackheath Cavern.

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5 responses to “Was Blackheath Cavern a chalk mine?

  1. Mark

    Don’t suppose there’s any danger of there being tours of this?

    • My god… Every time I end up on that site, I forget how unreadable it really is. Why would anyone design a site like that?!

      • Bob Land

        Just had a look at that site, and read the article on the front page , it appears that the authorities are going to charge £ 10 a go, to be able to to stand on the meridian line !!!

        This cannot be value for money.

        It is just another rip off !!!!

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