Never take geography lessons from Blue Peter presenters


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19 responses to “Never take geography lessons from Blue Peter presenters

  1. Moosh

    He could be talking about Blackheath Village in Surrey?

  2. Michelle O'Brien

    Can nose candy result in disorientation?

  3. Mo

    I did read that – most amusing. Didn’t he once live in the area – or has family or something?
    He may be saying it tongue in cheek, but there are a lot of people who think that way – no tube means you may as well be in the boondocks.

    Anyway we don’t want these media darlings all descending on Blackheath – let them keep their uber trendy Hampstead! (Bad enough that we have Danny Baker in the area. ;)

  4. Rupert Fiennes

    bolivian marching powder rots brain, but so does beer and pizza?

  5. Anna

    I saw Richard Bacon jogging on the heath two or three years ago, and I’m fairly sure he used to live here. Think Mr Fiennes above is right about the marching powder….

  6. Anonymous

    Yes, can’t help but think there’s chemicals of one sort or another at work here. It’s not as if he hasn’t got form….

    According to Wiki he commutes daily to Manchester to present some radio programme, so I can see that Blackheath is a bit awkward for him if he needs to get to Euston or LHR. I presume Salford isn’t Luvvie enough for him….

    Silly sod shouldn’t have forgotten his key in the first place.

  7. Bob Land

    He must be joking, I have just done a check on my TomTom Sat Nav.

    Blackheath to St. Paul’s Cathedral is 9,9 km and a 20 minute drive in the car (traffic allowing)

    Milton Keynes to St. Paul’s is 89 km and about 1 hour 18 minutes by car

  8. Anonymous

    But everyone knows that MK is in Oyster zone 3, isn’t it?

    Maybe he meant it metaphorically. Maybe he meant BH is just not like the rest of London, just as MK is not London. No, maybe not … BH is nothing like Milton Keynes. I know where I would rather live.

  9. Mark L

    But…Train MK to Euston 35 minutes. Blackheath to Euston by train and tube – 45 minutes if you’re very lucky – an hour on average.
    he’s exceedingly annoying but he may have a point

  10. No more jokes about nose candy please!

  11. Em

    Maybe he’s just been not allowed into a shop . Today I went into Neal’s Yard with my pram and was told to leave the shop as the floor had just been cleaned / waxed ! What service , I wonder if HQ know how their stores treat customers like this.

  12. Ed

    ps I like the map but please could you reduce the size as it makes it very difficult to scroll to read comments on my iphone as it takes up the whole screen and I end up zooming instead of scrolling.Cheers.

  13. Em/Ed is discovering the perils of new technology…..

  14. Mr Bacon used to live on Lee Road near the top end. Number ##, I think, I recall walking past the house and seeing him there. Oddly enough I saw him on the station on the day he was talking about – he is ranting no doubt because the trains were knackered that Friday late morning, which probably lengthened his journey. 12 minutes into London – oh such a pain!

  15. chad valley

    i thought he lived in Brockley.

  16. Milt

    Blackheath to “Up The Creek” comedy club in Greenwich is a ten minute cab ride. Perhaps some of the posters on here should take a quick trip up there and remind themselves what “joking” means, before they jump up and down on a clearly tongue in cheek comment. Does anyone REALLY think Richard Bacon believes Milton Keynes is closer to London than Blackheath? I mean, really? Blackheath, you’ve disappointed me tonight.

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