Fourth attempt to turn Halifax into Betfred

Betfred are making a fourth (and hopefully final) attempt to turn Deptford’s old Nationwide Halifax Building Society into a betting shop. They’ve been turned down twice by Lewisham Council, and once by the Planning Inspectorate, but they only need to succeed once to permanently install yet another betting shop into their high street.

Over on The Deptford Dame, you can find out more info.

But you can stop it! Adding your comments isn’t hard:

Go to this link, scroll to the bottom and click “Comment on this case”. Fill in some details, and add some comments… Here are the objections from the Dame’s post:

I am objecting to this application because I feel we already have more than enough betting shops; not only does it reduce the diversity of the businesses on the high street, but this clustering encourages anti-social behaviour, street drinking and fights in a small, concentrated area, putting people off using the street at night and making them fear for their personal safety.

The deadline for objections is 17 February 2012. Please pass this on.


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5 responses to “Fourth attempt to turn Halifax into Betfred

  1. Thanks for this. It’s actually a former Halifax, not that it really matters. However it’s clear from reports around other parts of SE London that the bookies are targeting former Nationwide premises too (as predicted when they all shut down some months ago).

  2. richard

    Do bookies really lead to these anto social behaviours? Is this not a case of middle class nimbies getting upset that their area isnt gentrifying as quickly as they would have liked?

    • Not doing another one of these again.. Look through the previous posts on betting shops for very long and drawn out discussions… You don’t have to oppose it if you don’t want to.

    • Deptford Dame

      @richard I agree that betting shops do not lead to anti-social behaviour, however where there are multiple branches close together we are seeing an increase in anti-social behaviour from some of their customers as well as the drug-dealers and street drinkers who gather outside these premises. Many of the people protesting have businesses on the street or have lived here all their lives. As someone who uses local businesses nearly every day I want to see them and the market survive, and for that to happen we need a diverse high street with a range of shops and services. We do not need eight betting shops.

  3. vic1945

    Good luck to the Deptford Dame and those objecting to this application, at least they are not sitting on their backsides doing nothing. Bookmakers do not serve the wider community with any benefits to improve the area, they instead pick the most likely spots where social responsibilities are weak and easy targets. The box of chocolates on the table look tempting but, how many can you eat before you feel sick, it’s no different with all these betting shops? There is a point where you have to take action because you feel infringement, a social breakdown that takes away whatever freedom you have. There will be those who do not agree, and I can only imagine these people live in a shoe box covered in cotton wool. It’s a hard world but, I thank those who try to make it better.

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