The greatest hyperbole on earth

UPDATE: You can find more up to date info in this post.

Lewisham Council has posted some notes about the big screen planned for Blackheath during the Olympics. Amongst other things:

The greatest show on earth – live on Blackheath

As well as being great fun, events taking place at the site will be designed to encourage communities to participate in improving their health and well being, become involved in their local community and celebrate local achievements. The Community Live Site will provide a showcase and fundraising opportunities for local voluntary and charitable organisations.

In addition to the big screen, another great attraction at the Live Site will be a beautifully decorative and rare Spiegel Tent which will play host to a range of events for all ages including tea dances, cinema, storytelling and live music. This splendid venue is so glamorous it is worth a visit in itself, even if it is to take in the surroundings, have a bite to eat or enjoy a cocktail created especially for the event.

It’s not that rare… I’m suspecting the Spiegel Tent will be the same one that featured at the Hyde Park winter wonderland. I went to this, and it was an overpriced restaurant & bar in a setting that looked like a leftover from the Moulin Rouge. Quite fun, and it had good Gluvine, but I seem to remember 3 drinks costing the best part of £15.


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7 responses to “The greatest hyperbole on earth

  1. Any idea who is responsible for booking the ‘live music’ in said Spiegel Tent?

  2. I like the way they say “Lewisham residents and visitors to the borough will be able to enjoy for free”
    I’m pretty sure that Lewisham residents will be paying for this through their council tax. It’s a welcome boost to the businesses in Blackheath, I should think of renting a shop to sell Olympic memorabilia there

  3. Pedro

    It would make my day if we could get Kriss Akabusi or Daley Thompson to pay a visit.

  4. Have you come across the full application for this (I think they would have had to apply for a premises licence at least), but I can’t find it at the Lewisham site. Reason I ask is because in the small print for a similar screen by Tower Bridge includes interesting restrictions: ‘A site search policy lists “restricted items” including large flags, banners and flags of non-competing nations. Oversized hats and large umbrellas are also on the watch list, as are hunting horns, vuvuzelas, klaxons and whistles. Also on the restricted list are “any clothing or object bearing political statements or overly commercial, or that could be intended for ambush marketing [or] any article giving cause for concern re protest eg ropes, handcuffs, placards, spray paint”.


    • Michelle O'Brien

      Without vuvuzelas and handcuffs how on earth are ThePirateKing and the rest of us fun-lovers supposed to enjoy ourselves, that’s what I want to know.

      It’s those bloody Fun Police again, isn’t it?

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