Kidbrooke Village and other madness

A selection of interesting links for you today:

* The Kidbrooke Kite spots more completely mental descriptions of Kidbrooke Village, “Black Heath” (wherever that is)… See for yourself here (warning, it’s a horrible PDF).

* The Blackheath Society is reasonably keen on the proposed big screen on the heath:

The Blackheath Society supports this event in principle and will play an active role in ensuring that there is a full and proper event management and acoustic plan in place. In addition the Society will lobby for the full reinstatement of the Heath and act to ensure that the Heath is protected, as far as possible, from this intense period of usage. In consultation with LBL, the Society has already recommended that more information be made available to those living within the immediate vicinity of the event.

See The Olympic Washerwoman’s Bottom if you missed this the first time around.

* Kettling 2.0: The Olympic State of Exception and TSG Action Figures – Fantastic article about what the Olympics means for London. Did you know that during the Olympics, there’s a plan to allow the police to search your home without a warrant? Nice. And a great photo at the top of the post.

* Finally, hopelessly-unaffordable-but-still-rather-nice: photos of an unrestored 1960s Eric Lyons-designed Span House. A snip at £500k. Lovely wood finishings.


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5 responses to “Kidbrooke Village and other madness

  1. Michelle O'Brien

    After its £80,000 defeat in court by the organizers of next September’s OnBlackheath pop festival it rather looks like Blackheath Society is preparing
    to abandon its members who live in the area to be affected by the Olympic screen to their fate.

    Oh dear, whatever happened to the proud “Guardians of the Heath”?

  2. Mark

    The London Olympic Games and Paralympic Games Act 2006 states that an officer may enter someone’s home to remove ‘offending’ advertising material only after finding who is the legal owner/occupier of the property and giving them the opportunity to remove the item themselves and then, only with a warrant issued by a JP.

    The Daily Mail spun this piece of the legislation into something that doesn’t actually exist and would be illegal to do.

  3. Anonymous

    “Did you know that during the Olympics, there’s a plan to allow the police to search your home without a warrant?”
    Did you know that it’s always better to check the accuracy of statements before publishing them?

  4. Anonymous

    There is a reproduction map on the stairs of the Edmund Halley pub in Lee Green. It doesn’t have a date but there is not a lot of built up area. It shows the Heath as Black Heath

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