The chicken rustler and Conduit Lodge

alfred-jackman-great-great-grandfatherExcellent piece of investigation here, showing how a search for an ancestor lead to a discovery of chicken theft in the family! But does “Conduit Lodge, Blackheath Park” still exist?

There are some beautiful (copyrighted) photos from a scrapbook here and here, showing a Conduit Lodge, but with no more info.

This source suggests that it was in Eltham, not Blackheath, but perhaps Conduit House in Eltham is a different property? It doesn’t look the same as the flickr images in this photo.

If anyone can shed any light, please do! I’m off to rustle some chickens from CostCutter.


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6 responses to “The chicken rustler and Conduit Lodge

  1. Adrian

    I suspect that the original Conduit Lodge has long since vanished. But there is a flickr picture here: . That looks like Blackheath Park, around 101 or 103 to me.

  2. Elizabeth Wiggans

    I’m sure I won’t be the first to say that Conduit Lodge, 46 and 48 Blackheath Park, is well covered in Neil Rhind’s Blackiheath Village and environs, v.2 Wricklemarsh and the Cator Estate, pages 114-16. It still exists, and in recent years has been restored. Neil lists William Brown as one of its lessees.

    • Excllent – thanks Elizabeth.. I didn’t have the book to hand when I wrote the post – I’ll dig it out and take a look!

      • Neil Rhind

        Elizabeth Wiggans is quite right. The photograph was taken after 1933 when the single storey wing on the west side was extended upwards into a three storey house (No 46) by Charles Bernard Brown, later to restore the Paragon . Rather spoiled the proportions of No 48 but recent renovations and repairs have made a most handsme job of it all.

  3. limey


    Its my flickr stream that you have linked to in this item. There is one other image in that set from Conduit Lodge (

    Sadly, I am unable to shed any further light on the photos. The photo scrapbook that these images are scanned from covers a wide number of years and there is no obvious theme. Apart from my grandparents being identifiable in one of the more recent photos, there is no one I recognise.

    The grandparents concerned both come from Scottish stock and so I can only guess at why there would be photos from London in this album. My suspicion is that the photos actually belong to an old friend of my grandparents as they inherited a lot of her old stuff when she died, including a box of old photos and slides.

    If you (or any of your readers) would like the original images featured on my flickr stream, I would be happy to provide them.

  4. Anonymous

    Ohhhh. I see that others have already furnished the correct answer.
    I was about to say that, at the top of Hyde Vale, there is a block of flats – four or five stories high with bay windows that, from memory, is called Conduit House. I thought that might be the answer but apparently not!

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