Blackheath Parakeet

Parakeet sighting in Blackheath
Another parakeet sighting! This time by Spannarama on Flickr.

See previous video here, and discussion here.

Now looking for an equally good shot of the Blackheath Ferret please.


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12 responses to “Blackheath Parakeet

  1. They’re pretty easy to spot around Vanbrugh Park Rd at this time of year, with the leaves off the trees. There’s a bird feeder suspended from one of the trees that they flock to. I took this shot just before Christmas, and I counted 7 parakeets in the tree at that point.

  2. Nick

    Are these guys news? There’s been a big colony of them here in the Standard for years.

  3. Adrian

    We have had a flock of Parakeets around the house for a few years. They did vanish during the really cold spells, but the birds are around at present. Our crab apple sill has apples on it, and we have a flock that just descends on the tree from time to time.

    The best news is that the crows in our oak tree seem to be terrified of the parakeets. The crows vanish if they come.

  4. Kate

    late June 2012 and I’m hardly seeing or hearing any of my green friends the parakeets. Is this normal for summer, or has someone official “removed” them silently, before the Limpix?

  5. I saw three or four fly over my (SE7) street a week or so ago.

  6. They’re making a racket right this very moment where I live in Charlton. There are two who are definitely not love birds squabbling like mad.

    I think there may be some sort of territorial dispute going on as opposed to a breeding ritual. I would guess that they would have bred by now?

    Also, they must have nests to rear the young musn’t they?? Where are the nests??

  7. BlackheathBird

    Don’t worry, Kate, the ‘keets will be back. It’s just that most of our town birds seem to spend the summer in the country where there are richer pickings and where their young can grow to optimum size before the winter.

    In reply to Chris, parakeets are squatters with a fondness for old woodpeckers’ nests high up in trees. As woodpeckers drill a new hole each year, this isn’t a problem.

  8. Angry Janice

    Is it possible to launch some sort of hawk to kill them all? They are so noisy and annoying.

  9. Angry Janice

    I have about fifty outside my window at any given time.

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