Pub clicks

Above are the answers to the which-pub-got-the-most-clicks-in-the-week-before-new-year quiz, a day later than I had promised… The interesting thing to me is that Cave Austin appears to be the main draw for people. I’d assumed that the pubs would be of more interest, but evidently not. Anyway, wishing you all a good 2012.


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4 responses to “Pub clicks

  1. Anonymous

    Too bad The Three Tuns is but a distant memory

  2. Neil Rhind

    Cave Austin isn’t a pub. The Three Tuns (as named) was much as it is now. Mass-produced nitro-fizz beer and too much noise. Food never up to much.
    From one who can remember. But who can remember the White Hart beer house at No 10 Montpelier Vale? If anyone has a face-on picture when it was a pub I would be delighted to hear from them (via the Bugle)

    Happy New Year


  3. Such is the power of bias in surveys it probably means that folks who frequent Cave Austin are amongst Bugle’s most loyal followers…?

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