Here’s a question for you…

I put up the annual list of New Year’s Eve drinking venues last week. Which place do you think was clicked on the most? I was surprised (Mrs Bugle wasn’t).

Your options are The Crown, Zero Degres, Cave Austin, The Railway
O’Neills, Princess of Wales, and the Hare & Billet.

Answers tomorrow.


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4 responses to “Here’s a question for you…

  1. Anonymous

    And what was the answer?

  2. STR

    What’s the answer? Hopefully not O’Neills.

  3. Blackheath mom

    hehe, I would like an answer too now… (my personal bet was on the Railway, though that migh have been because it’s my local pub… availabilty bias! :P)

  4. scared of chives

    I reckon it’s Cave Austin

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