Christmas tree recycling – two councils differ

Greenwich Council:

If you would like us to collect your real Christmas tree you must remember to remove all decorations then leave it next to your green-top bin on your normal collection day. Make sure you leave your tree where it can be easily seen by the collection team.

Lewisham Council:

Take it to one of these designated places, or pay £15 to have the council collect it from your door. Note that the pins on the map are VERY approximate – please correct them if they’re in the wrong places.

I sometimes think local councils should be unified into a single body. I can’t understand why the two adjacent councils differ so much in their provision of services.


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3 responses to “Christmas tree recycling – two councils differ

  1. Michelle O'Brien

    So if you live in the Lewisham Council area and have a Christmas tree to get rid of (I don’t on either count) …

    and you don’t want the bother of taking it to a designated collection place …

    and you don’t want to pay £15 to have the bin guys collect it from outside your home the answer is simply …

    … join the growing army of fly tippers and dump it in the street outside somebody else’s place at night when nobody’s around to see.

    Easy peasy, problem solved! Next question, please

  2. kcd

    Mmm think it is called something called local democracy which allows people to elect representatives in their local area that reflect different priorities (if you don’t like their choices you can vote for someone else). Obviously there will be people who think this a service that should be prioritised (and Greenwich Councillors presumably believe that a majority of Greenwich residents do). If I were a Greenwich resident, I might ask how funding this service was weighed up against the £48m of cuts made in Greenwich this year including for example the £2m cut the Council made this year in grants to the voluntary sector. As a Lewisham resident I am personally happy with the arrangements which seem to have worked well for a number of years. I don’t expect the Council to deliver my Christmas tree, so why should I expect them to pick it up? They also continue to fund the Blackheath fireworks, which Greenwich don’t and I value more highly than Christmas tree collection.
    That’s not to say that there aren’t other Lewisham policies that will continue to make me rant (e.g. one adult can’t take two under 8s swimming if one of them is under 5, even if one can swim nearly as well as the adult – but they can take them both down the road in Greenwich where they are clearly less likely to drown…). But hey, I can live with such frustrations if it means I have a better chance of having a say in what goes on locally (however imperfect), which I wouldn’t get if there was just one great big ‘unified’ council.

  3. Jon Baldwin

    I agree entirely with kcd. The fact that different councils have come up with different solutions is exactly how the system should work. Councils should try to provide a solution that works well for their particular area.

    In areas where lots of people live near a council boundary (like London), residents can look at what happens elsewhere, see which solutions they prefer, and lobby their council if they want their arrangements changed.

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