Christmas lights mostly switched on

Blurry photo of Blackheath Christmas Lights 2011
Mrs Bugle reports that some of the lights in the middle didn’t manage to switch on! A smaller crowd than previously.


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15 responses to “Christmas lights mostly switched on

  1. Anonymous

    Seems the lights got turned on early, leaving a lot of very disappointed kids (including my own 2 year old) come 4.30pm.

  2. Bob Land

    We live in a small town in Holland. Our Christmas lights were switched on last week . They were newly installed last year.

    to view them please go to :

    type Flickr in the search box
    then click on people

    then type in Blackheath and surroundings

    and then the photos should appear


    Bob Land

  3. Michelle O'Brien

    @Mr. ‘Orm
    “Mrs Bugle reports that some of the lights in the middle didn’t manage to switch on! A smaller crowd than previously.”

    * * * * *
    Why smaller crowds in the streets than in previous years, I wonder, to see the switch-on of the Blackheath Christmas lights? Anyone any theories?

    The switch-on was a great crowd-puller in earlier years.

    • Adrian

      Total lack of any publicity might have something to do with it. In other years there was some form of celebrity present, even it was a D-List. A Priest and two local politicians don’t quite cut the mustard.

  4. Why? Because there was no publicity that I could see. In the past there have been prominent leaflets and posters in the station and elsewhere. I commute from the station daily and saw nothing. I arrived at the station at 4pm on Saturday and there was no clue that something was about to happen.

  5. Phil R

    One reason for the smaller crowd must be that the lights were turned on early. We wandered down from The Crown at 16:25 and the lights were on and the ‘dignitaries’ were already leaving ‘Pares’. Quite a few people were turning up and standing around bemused (partly as only the lights on the shops were on and not those running across the road!). Lack of publicity also a problem.

  6. PCL

    I saw no local publicity for this. Shame, as it could be a really great community event with the right publicity to push awareness and create more of a buzz.

    • Dan

      Totally agree with all the posts… No posters… No flyers and NO NICK!!!!

      What a let down… All that money raised for these new lights and they are still only partially on… What about the lights zig zagging across the road???

      Baaa Humbug.

  7. k f banhart

    Poor show on the lights. Is it the cuts?

  8. Moosh

    Do we think they’re going to bother getting the rest of the ‘cross road’ lights working? Looks a bit dull without them..

  9. ElizaF

    Go to Greenwich, the light down there look amazing and put the half hearted effort in Blackheath to shame.

  10. Scrooge

    can someone on BVT/Blackheath Soc get the lights across the road working?? Its so disappointing without them .

    • Michelle O'Brien

      “Can someone on BVT/Blackheath Soc get the lights across the road working?? . . .”


      The Blackheath Village Traders’ Association (BVTA), which used to organize Blackheath’s Christmas lights, no longer exists.

      And as far as I know the Blackheath Society has nothing to do with the pliers and electrician’s screwdriver end of getting the lights on, apart from the Society’s delightful lit-up Christmas tree at the top of Tranquil Vale.

      I think the organization currently responsible for the lights in the Village is Lewisham Council, which like councils everywhere is facing steep spending cuts. These are hard times, Scrooge old chum, and with a name like that you surely must appreciate that.

      As the Blackheath Society notes in its December website update:

      ‘The Christmas tree at the top of Tranquil Vale has traditionally been organised by Lewisham Council, with various funding sources, including the Blackheath Society.

      ‘When we were informed that the tree was under threat this year, due to lack of funding, we offered to organise a tree ourselves, within our traditional budget.

      ‘Thanks to the sterling effort of Society volunteers, it is now safely installed . . .

      ‘We acknowledge the help of Homecare DIY in Lee in supplying the tree, Creative Signs in Charlton for the banner, Cllr Maines, Lewisham Council and their (outsourced) electrical department officers, who all helped to make this happen.’

      Private enterprise steps in to save the day. So you see, there is a Father Christmas after all. Let’s see if he can pull the UK economy out of the merde as well.

      • Dan

        Fair enough about the tree… Can’t remember that being even mentioned to do with the lights but hey ho!

        If its Lewisham council and cuts to blame.. Then that doesn’t make much sense either… It would cost no more to have all lights on than half! You see.. The lights were replace with expensive new led energy efficient globes… Or so that’s what was claimed when the donations were asked for a couple of three years back or was that just another waste of tho public’s money???
        As I said before…

        Bah humbug to whom is concerned and wish wish you all a good night!

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