Destination unknown

This morning Mrs Bugle’s train to Charing Cross mysteriously became a train to Victoria.  The driver apologised for the  “total mess causes by this, on behalf of the company”.

I’m starting to think that the fireworks conspirators may have a point…


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4 responses to “Destination unknown

  1. And then the Cannon Street train became a Charing Cross train, after a long sit on the platform. But the part that really boggles my mind is how the boards update during a delay… the 42 to Victoria said it would arrive in 1 minute for… 8 minutes before they gave up and just labelled it as delayed as the train before was still sitting on the platform.

    Though I’m not convinced that poor communication of delays is exclusive to Southeastern, but it is a strange sort of comedy for the unclear head of a Monday morning. Onward!

  2. Mrs Bugle

    to be precise, cannon street train became a victoria train, then announced to be a london bridge one then we ended up in charing cross in the end. :)

  3. Jon lee

    Fun and games at Lewisham this morning as well. The 8.03 to Charing cross simply didn’t turn up. No announcements, just a Cannon Street train in it’s place. Maybe it was the previous Cannon Street train that was supposed to
    have been cancelled who knows?

  4. Hayley

    Is the fact that the Charing Cross train didn’t stop at New Cross this morning related??

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