No trains today. Angry line of “customers”. They’ve all touched in, because there is no sign on the oystercard reader. Touching out again will cost them £1.30. “Why don’t you put a sign on the reader?”

“The management don’t want us to.”

There is no independent thought within the Borg.


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15 responses to “Touching

  1. Mat Gough

    Oh, and if you want a refund you have to ask at a Tube station because ‘we can’t do that here’….

  2. ElizaF

    The Dick Turpins of South Eastern rail strike again!

  3. Pablo

    Everyday I hate more South Eastern trains, seriously, everyday I’m quite more sure they try to rip us off as much as they can.

  4. Kate B

    If you want a refund you have to fill in a form, return it to TfL and wait for authorisation to get it put back onto your Oyster, Have just done that, is a real pain.

  5. Had my fare share of problems at Lee, needed to get a refund and was told to come back at a time when they weren’t selling tickets.

    Was told four o’clock was best for them, when I went back ticket office was closed.

    Bunch of muppets!

  6. Why is the platform open if there are no trains?

  7. Eve

    Don’t bother going to a Tube station to ask for a refund – they will tell you that they work for TfL and it was Southeastern who got your money so they can’t refund you because they’re a different company. Tube staff won’t even refund you for bus fares because “that’s not the Tube”. Best way to get a refund is to call the Oyster helpline, they will credit your account immediately, but you’ll have to “pick up” the credit by touching in at a station of your choice.

  8. I argued with them enough on the phone… pointed out that I was a disabled person and couldn’t just go to a tube (this was a bus snafu) and they eventually conceded that they could credit my bank account. I should check if they actually did come to think of it!

  9. “Best way to get a refund is to call the Oyster helpline, they will credit your account immediately, but you’ll have to “pick up” the credit by touching in at a station of your choice.” <<< Hear hear!!!

  10. Whenever I come across the Jobsworth my course of action is usually to state “O.K. This is obviously an unsatisfactory set of circumstances, just let me have your name / ID and that of your Supervisor / Management so that I can take this matter further.” The response to this request then dictates how the matter gets resolved.
    Anyone who thinks that any train company is after anything other than your money is misguided. You’re not a ‘customer’ you’re a source of revenue income and any action needed over and above taking your money is viewed as an inconvenience.

  11. Give it a day, call the Oyster helpline.

    And make sure you complain to London Travelwatch and a London Assembly member (I recommend Len Duvall or transport committee chair Caroline Pidgeon).

    Because if you let Southeastern get away with it, then they’ll see you coming next time.

  12. Mandy

    This guy makes it his business to be as unhelpful as possibly can. I have seen him mislead people as to fares and routes because he cannot be bothered to find out the correct information for customers. He could have corrected the difficulty immediately today but he would not do that. Who knows why?
    One year ago I (idiotically) left a small suitcase on the train and I asked him for the number of Dartford Station to alert them and avoid a security scare. He refused and told me to call lost property which was a recorded message. When I got to Dartford, the station manager asked me why I had not called them to alert them and avoid a security alert. Good luck to the passengers who have lost their money.

    • Edited for names… And to save my legal fees.

      • Claret Badger

        I had a similar incident when I left a pair of expensive trousers on the train to Dartford. Asked for the number for Dartford station so I could call, but was told unbelievably that: “There is no phone number for the station”. Everything goes through head office or whatever and no southeastern station has a number you can contact them on! End result: couldnt talk to anyone at Dartford and trousers never found

  13. Locally Interested

    Just cause them more than £1.30 worth of effort to respond to your letters. It can be boring, but just write letters and send by second class post.

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