Blackheath Fireworks in 3D

All the Blackheath fireworks videos I’ve been able to find are wobbly. I spend quite a lot of time each year looking through them, because I’ve never managed to go to the event itself! I couldn’t find any professionally shot clips on YouTube. Even Lewisham council’s preview trailer is wobbly.

So, if you’ve got to have wobbly, at least you can have wobbly in 3D. Hit play, then click on the 3D button to change the viewing method. If you haven’t got any red-cyan glasses, then your best bet is to set it to “side by side”, don’t watch in full screen mode, and cross your eyes a bit. Avatar it ain’t, but it’s still quite neat. See also: the classic Blackheath footage of Ollie the Dog in 3D (fewer explosions, more woofing).


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2 responses to “Blackheath Fireworks in 3D

  1. Anonymous

    Would be interested in seeing one from 2013. Particularly the encore after most people went home and one of the sideshows caught fire. Forty-foot bonfire.

  2. cliff

    the fireworks were vintage last night, totally fantastic, right up there with the millennium display,
    we stood around & watched the post display fire; it was the hog roast stand next to Talbot Place, a shame as they serve the best food there. the fire inspectors were there today, said one of the gas canisters had a leak but didn’t manage to say what might have ignited it.

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