Drummer on the Heath – video

Just in case you haven’t read enough comments on this already :)


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11 responses to “Drummer on the Heath – video

  1. Marion

    How very sensible of him.
    Obviously has complaining neighbours!

  2. Talbot

    film it from the other direction next time so you an see all the homes he is disturbing. The druming evening managed to get through the thud of this years louder than average fun fair.

  3. Red Baron

    He’s in the middle of the heath and a very good drummer, I hardly think he’d be disturbing too many people from there.
    Personally, I think it’s great and was quite surreal when I first heard him one bleary eyed Sunday (not too) early morning.

    • Humphrey

      On sunday he was about 100 yards away from the nearest property. He is not in the middle of the heath and the sound can be heard from some distance away. Grr!

  4. RMH


    The NIMBYs are out in force on this matter.

  5. rasma

    ………..and he comming back soon

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