Blackheath Fireworks 2011

Map of Blackheath Roads Closed during Fireworks 2011

Lewisham council have added a page detailing which roads will be closed this year during the fireworks (which I have never seem – thanks Dad!)

Greenwich council are still being mean and refusing to fund the fireworks, as mentioned on 853blog a while back.

The fireworks display is on November 5th at 8pm, and admission is free.

Oh, and for some reason there’s a Blackheath Fireworks twitter account. It doesn’t do much except go “Whoosh” every so often (nothing wrong with that though). I’m guessing it’s not official, judging by the profile page


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28 responses to “Blackheath Fireworks 2011

  1. Henrietta Gwynn

    Not about fireworks…but about the ’roundabout’ being constructed in the middle of the Heath. Why is it taking so long to construct? Someone remind me why it’s happening, please (something to do with Blackheath Society?). Boring and essentially useless comes to my mind.

    • Talbot

      Good point, does anyone know what the roundabout thing is? I also wonder if it going to remain level given that all the foot paths crack within weeks of being layed.

      • Constantly amazed

        Guess what, chaps! It’s our old friends at the Blackheath Society who have decided to commemorate their 75th anniversary by installing a new roundabout and a couple of benches on the heath without, as usual, asking if this something local people actually want. What next, one wonders? You can find out more on their website (under the heading “publications”, newsletter autumn 2011).

      • Anonymous
        Click on Autumn 2011 newsletter
        Scroll to page 11.

        Briefly, its a celebration of the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee, the Lympix and BlackSoc’s 75th anniversary. So that’s three hate targets in one.

        To make things even worse, BlackSoc chipped in ten grand without asking the approval of a single Bugle reader. Apalling!

      • Constantly Amazed

        No doubt Her Maj will be thrilled and delighted to learn about the dossers’ benches being installed on the heath in honour of her Jubilee. It just seems a shame that our local amenity society can forge ahead with creeping urbanisation of an open space without giving anyone the chance to comment. The same goes for Lewisham council: does anyone know how much ratepayers’ money has been spent on this latest nonsense?

  2. scared of chives

    Hooray for the fireworks! and on November 5th too….

    No loos from the angle I approach. (Note to self: don’t drink beer before going).

  3. Mat Gough

    hooray for fireworks and lovely Lewisham Council and boo to boring old Greenwich miseryguts council (I’m getting in the panto spirit rather early!)

  4. Jeb

    Have they moved them? I thought the firing area was more over on the Blackheath Village side in previous years.

  5. I wonder if the whingers about the ‘drummer on the Heath’ will come on here to have a moan about the noise and disruption!!

  6. Anonymous

    What is the point of the roundabout? Every time I walk past it I get annoyed. How much money are they spending on a pointless piece of pavement in the middle of the heath at a time when they are cutting mental health services and more people are ending up homeless? Grrr.

  7. Hayley

    Lovely, we live just off the heath so can nip back to the flat to use the loo :) Can’t wait for a bit of noise and disruption!

  8. Anonymous


    Is there a funfair currently on? how long is it on for


  9. scared of chives

    If ANY kids enjoying the fireworks start crapping in residents’ front gardens – or drink too much – I’m writing to the Blackheath Society. In fact, where are they when we need them…1000s of people are going to descend on the heath, ripping up the grass underfoot, leaving their glo-sticks, used sparklers etc – ban it I say [explodes with rage]

    • Anonymous

      If you took a nano-second to consider your attempt at humour, you might ask instead why BlackSoc has been a staunch supporter of the fireworks [and the marathon, and various other crowd-attracting events] for many years. Perhaps you might get an inkling of the fact that a two-day, ill-consulted, badly planned rockfest on the doorstep of several hundred homes is in a different league to these well-planned, short-lived events.

      • scared of chives

        I may not be a natural comic but I think you’ll find the OnBlackheath festival was very well planned.

        I doubt whether the organisers behind an event like the marathon would give a stuff what the ‘BlackSoc’ thought – but happy to be corrected.

        [Don’t explode now…]

  10. Mat Gough

    I’m not going to wade in and start having a go at people, but I wish some of you would get your facts straight before spouting your hate filled rants. All you do is make yourselves look ignorant and foolish, and back-up the widely held view that most people who comment (rant) on blogs don’t know what they’re talking about and are therefore completely ignored by those people who actually DO know what they’re talking about and who are responsible for making decisions.

    And don’t get me started on people who are so unsure of themselves that they hide behind ‘anonymous’….. ;-)

    The irony of my comment above isn’t lost on me, but as I’ve said before: if you don’t like the way things are done in your local community, rather than be an armchair moaner get off your backside and DO something about it. Join the Blackheath Society, join Friends of Greenwich Park, go to the local assembly meetings, write to your MP/councillor/Queen.

    Oh, and back on topic Mr Bugler – more hurrahs for the fireworks! :-D

  11. scared of chives

    @Mat Gough

    – people have been using nicknames on blogs, forums ever since they started (check out Twitter too – duh!)
    – that’s the point of blogs, forums – to give your opinion
    – how do you know that people who ‘rant’ don’t get off their backside? it’s a rubbish argument

    So, the ignorant people on this thread, please tell us more.

    • Mat Gough

      Scared of Chives, I’m very glad you’ve commented – I love your posts: you are a perfect example of what is RIGHT about the on-line world. You have strong opinions that you argue well, and are quick to pick holes in a weak post: exactly as you have in mine. I’m more guilty of ‘ranting’ than I thought I was!

      I don’t have a problem with anonymity: as you say nicknames etc are how forums work. I DO have a problem with ‘anonymous’ – as it’s very easy to post whatever is in your head with absolutely no recourse.

      I’ve made a connection in my head that I’ve not made clearly in my post about armchair moaners – what I was trying to get across is my infuriation with people who get their facts wrong or make wild assumptions then grumble about it….

      My main point still holds: If someone expresses a strong opinion but has their facts wrong they look stupid and foolish.

  12. Blackheath Fireworks


  13. Catherine Wheel

    I like Scared’s* comments too and absolutely agree with him on this topic. Why, even the esteemed Mr Bugle posts under an assumed name. Speaking as an active member of my local community, I can only say there are times when there’s nowhere other than a blog like this to let off steam, particularly when our local representatives (councils, residents’ groups, amenity societies, you name it) are making decisions without seeking people’s opinions or replying to letters or, increasingly, acting in direct opposition to majority wishes. If Mat Gough is referring to any particular wrong facts on this blog, please enlighten us!

    *PS: I hope one day Scared will reveal what dreadful childhood trauma made him so terrified of chives. I think we should be told.

  14. Mo

    Back to the topic in hand….

    Given that the weather looks majorly nasty on Saturday – are the fireworks definitely still on?

    • ThePirateKing

      I don’t think that they’ve ever been weather dependant. I remember going about 12 years ago in a real downpour.

  15. Anonymous

    does anyone know what time the road closures begin?

  16. Catherine Wheel

    This link should tell you all you need to know


  17. Anonymous

    think the firework firing area is in Greenwich Council’s zone actually.
    As are the portable bogs that I saw from the bus. Quite near the firing zone as well :D
    Haven’t seen the roundabout. Sounds like a fine example of what the BlackSoc stand for…..sit for to moi.

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