Drummer on the heath again

Drummer on Blackheath by Twitter user @spannarama
In what is becoming a regular appearance at weekends, the drummer was back on the heath again today (thanks for the photo from Twitter user @spannarama


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44 responses to “Drummer on the heath again

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  2. Bob Land

    More than 50 years ago Paul Rutherford and myself also played musical instruments on the the Heath,Paul played trombone and I played trumpet
    ( although not very well ), we could have used a guy like this , on the drums. Paul went on to become very famous, I gave it up after a couple of months.

  3. Jim

    He probably used to practise at creekside studio in deptford which has recently closed down .

  4. barry

    His name is peter ….and he’s our bands drummer top top guy with a lot of passion ….go on pete !!!!!

  5. Talbot

    If he is your drummer tell him to practice elsewhere. How would like most of your day filled with the sound of drums? Seriously I have consulted with others and the police/council will be called nex time he does this. Its very annoying and inconsiderate.

    • Anonymous

      Is it seriously that much of an annoyance? Are you working night shifts that you still need to be in bed at 8.30 on a glorious Saturday morning as it was? I’ve seen the guy that day and couldn’t clearly hear him until I came 150 feet from him (and he was pretty good in my opinion); surely, nothing that couldn’t be solved by a pair of ear plugs. I really hope that the guy is left free to practice his art by all the moaners. If anything, I want to see more of that kind of happening on the heath! Let the people reclaim this public space from the bourgeoisie who thinks it should be their back garden!

      • I’m really intrigued now… Will somebody please get out there with a video camera!

      • Talbot

        Its hardly fair to compare anyone complaining to the bourgeoisie. Yes it can be heard. Yes from surprisingly far away. Yes constant druming for hours on end is annoying. Even those that like it are not subjected to it for hours on end. I admit the guy has stamina but its not very considerate of the people that live near the heath.

      • Heath User

        Why should anyone living on or visiting the Heath need to use earplugs because of one inconsiderate and selfish person?

    • Lil.

      Inconsiderate? Did you ever bother th listen to this drummers play? He is an absolutely amazing musician..public should be grateful to be able to hear the performance (and for free!!!) Besides? Police? Is he playing in unsociable hours, I wonder..

  6. Nearly local

    Well I like him and wouldn’t mind him staying …. although I can sympathise with the locals woken at 8.30 when he starts.

    Perhaps someone can put a feasibility study together identifying optimum hours for performing and then “we” can all go to a court and declare a cost of £40,000 (as opposed to £80,000) a victory and we can all sleep soundly and happily in our beds at night … until 8.30am

  7. Blackheath Bob

    No, the Blackheath Society will be paying an expensive QC to write the letter for them.

  8. Peter

    Hello all. Thats noisy drummer its, me. Im going to the park coz i realy like that pleace, specialy when is sunny. Last time i start at 12.45 and was there till 16.30,. Im so sorry about the noise, so just to keep some off u happy i will not play there again.

    • Lara

      Oh no! We seem to have scared Pete off already!!!! :-(.

      12.45 to 16.30 doesn’t sound that bad to me! Is it really that loud?

  9. peter

    I’m not scare at all, I just want keep everyone happy, and keep the police to do more important things..specialy at these days..but maybe ill try to move and turn my drum kit away from the house’s..but I’m not there next 2weekends

  10. Talbot Too

    I also live facing the heath and have no objection to the drummer even though I can hear him indoors with closed windows.Pete, don’t go away, please.
    What I do object to is the half -term fair, lorries arrived this morning and seem much nearer than usual -why are they there and not on the circus field near the park? Hope it’s not a precedent.

  11. Henry

    I also live facing the heath , near where the drummer plays and it doesnt bother me either – Would be nice if instead of calling the police/local council you politely had a word with the drummer, explained the problem you seem to have and came to an agreed solution from which you could both (and others) benefit from, especially now you know that the general consensus is not all ‘bah humbug’

  12. Ed

    Good point Henry !

  13. scared of chives

    Peter – if you replicate Ian Paice’s drum solo on ‘The Mule’ – 1972 (Deep Purple) – I’ll pop down with a nice beer on Saturday…

  14. Talbot

    Thank you but why should people in the park have to listen to your druming either? There used to be a drummer in the park at one point who used to err play in front of the General Wolf statue. I believe he was moved on as his playing drowned out any attempt to speak near the observatory.

  15. Mark

    25 years ago, I used to play alto saxophone on the heath near the dips, because my parents couldn’t stand the noise, sorry if I disturbed anyone then, I was rubbish,

  16. Heath User

    This guy is seriously annoying and has ruined two weekends on the Heath for me. Yesterday I had to move to the park cos of the noise and I could still hear him there. How does one person get to decide that they will ruin the Heath for everyone else? This is the most appalling and selfish behaviour and ruins the peace and quiet of the Heath for everybody. Please practice somewhere else.

    • Peter Random

      You miserable old goat! It’s a public space – good on him for rehearsing there!

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, it’s a public space – for the benefit of all. Not the private playground of a single arrogant individual.

      • Bob Land

        You miserable old goat !!!!
        My wife and I have been chuckling all day to today to each other,
        after we saw this sentence this morning.

  17. Henry

    Again! – has anyone spoken to him in person or just using this site to complain loudly?

    • In person???! Don’t you understand that the purpose of this site is to complain loudly at nobody in particular!

      • scared of chives

        I was going to give Peter a beer (and maybe speak to him if he wasn’t in the middle of a complicated paradiddle).

      • Henry

        Thanks for clearing that up bugle – for a moment there i got carried away with the whole art of conversation, negotiation, pleasantry thing – wont happen again – ill be off now got trumpet practice on the heath !

  18. Scott

    I saw on the 853 blog that there will be a bridge over the A2 for the Olympics . The drummer can provide the entertainment for all !

  19. peter

    I changing the tempo if I see somebodey dance on front of me ;) so It’s not a practicing, people’s stopping there and listening the music, enjoying the vib..but I can understand that some people doesn’t like the idea or the noise.. and also I’m so sorry that I ruined yr weekend mr Heath user. But! The last weekend I talked to people living closest to place where I play and says, ,,we can here yr drumming a little bit but noise from the traffic is still louder and worse.. so dear Complainers u should also complain about the busy road running through the middle of the park..where u all been when they build up the road, right in the middle of the park? How can this happen to Your park..I wasn’t here on that time, but if I was I just gona set up my drum kit just on the front of the buldozer! And what u gona do? Complain how loud there are….So I want the make a deal ; It’s for all of u ok, 12.30 till 16.30 ? And also if somebodey got some ideas about anything, please bring them in. Peace and Love.

    • Talbot

      The road noise its a low hum, and depending on the wind is sometimes inaudible, whilst the sound of a full dull drum kit pierces everything. Its awful having to listen to it for hours on end. Living near the heath you expect a bit of noise but not drumming and for such a long period (yes 4 hours is way past excessive!). How would he like it if we setup shop outside his home and made noise for the best part of a weekend day? I have spoken to my neighbours and the council. He had better not be there next this coming weekend, please show some consideration.

  20. Blackheath mum

    Maybe the drummer can set himself up on the sodding roundabout. At least then it would be of some use as a bandstand. I can’t believe they didn’t have to get planning permission. Stupid roundabout.

  21. Anonymous

    Those who have complained, I wonder where else you would suggest he practice? If you were living next door to him then I could understand your frustration, but not in a public place. He has offered to compromise by practising for only a few hours in the afternoon, so if you really can’t bear it, why don’t you help him to find somewhere you consider more suitable?

    From his replies, it doesn’t seem like he is deliberately trying to annoy people, and as a fellow musician I empathise with his need to find somewhere suitable to practise for many hours a day. Please don’t get the council or police involved, that is totally unnecessary. Just go and talk to him!

  22. Pedro

    Dear Drummer Peter. I had a chat with you on the heath the other day (showed you you’re picture in the bugle) and I can confirm to all other people on here what a nice bloke you are. Please don’t listen to miserable gets that are complaining. I love Blackheath, but I moved here from a much rougher part of London and it never ceases to amaze me what some of the residents here will complain about. You should have heard the fuss that was kicked up when people started kite boarding on the Heath again. Anyone would have thought a brigade of FARC rebels had descended on the village. Anyway, everyone I have spoke to agrees that you are a very welcome addition to the village. My advice is to go further down Prince Charles Road about half down from the Princess of Wales, you should be far enough away from Talbot Place. I’ll buy you a pint next time I see you.
    All the best

  23. rasma

    I love the drummer!!He is great guy…..why does it annoy people if he is playing in public space? He has no intention to disturb anybody…

  24. rasma

    and this guy has quite bit of history as well..you people would be surprised

  25. peter

    Thanx all for the nice comments, it means a lot to me. As I can see previous negative comments people getting angry with me..for them is only one way how to sort this out..,,get out from the park and don’t come back!,, I made my offer and what did I get back? GET OUT! U ruined are weekend..we can’t watch telly..and they called me selfish.

    • Talbot Too

      Pedro, please do not think that the entire population of Talbot Place is anti-drummer as that is not the case. Peter ,go on drumming wherever you choose on the heath (day time only!), please

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