Rush hour

Packed #southeastern meatwagon train:

“Guys, I don’t know how you do it, but can you move down, otherwise my boss will sack me.”

Everyone moved.


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4 responses to “Rush hour

  1. anonymous123

    If there was room for everyone to move, then the train wasn’t full! I used to travel to Charing Cross from Blackheath Station every day in the fifties and early sixties and I was lucky if I could put both feet on the floor! I often travelled all the way on one leg because there just wasn’t room to put the other one down and was usually bent over the occupied seats. We had to be pushed into the carriage by passengers on the platform waiting for the Cannon Street train. I used to pray on the platform that the guards van would be open because at least in there, we could all stand up straight while packed in like sardines.

  2. I once stood next to a guy who managed to get on a Charing Cross train by saying [in the thickest Swedish accent],

    “Please move in. Everybody must go to the job”

    He was carrying a little, aluminium, fold-away scooter.

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