Drummers and drumsticks

Rubbish on the heath outside The Princess of Wales pub
A couple of photos from flickr user Beglen. Great shot of the litter left on the heath outside the Princess of Wales pub – apparently all cleaned up now. That light can make anything look vividly beautiful. And a random drummer on the heath. Enjoy the sunshine!
Random guy drumming on the heath by Flickr user beglen


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7 responses to “Drummers and drumsticks

  1. Mat Gough

    Gosh, people are such animals. Im sorry but not even sparkly god-rays can make dumped litter attractive. Why don’t people clean up after themselves?

  2. What was the event? I couldn’t spot any details of the PofW site.

  3. picture looks awesome despite the rubbish

  4. I saw the drummer guy out there this morning, hilarious! I wonder how the residents around the heath coped with the noise? :)

    The rubbish outside of the PoW was a bit depressing. What pigs people can be.

  5. Jim

    I saw the drummer as well , a good place to practice !

  6. Talbot

    Will someone please tell the drummer to stop! The sound is echoing over the entire heath and he has been going since 08:30!!

  7. Just went by at about 13:30, and he was still there, drumming away like a fiend!

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