Blackheath Granny Shoots Into Space

Well, low earth orbit… Sort of…
Nice little urner: youngster scatters gran’s ashes in space


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7 responses to “Blackheath Granny Shoots Into Space

  1. Matthew Gough

    I thought it looked like a good idea until I saw he wants FIVE GRAND for it! I suspect my mortal remains will be staying firmly earthbound.

  2. scared of chives

    On the subject of old people…how’s the lift at Blackheath Station doing (WC-wise)?

  3. Michelle O'Brien

    Poor Pat Sinclare.
    Would you fancy being dumped in a junk yard when you die?

  4. Preferthesteps

    Mr Chives: On the subject of the station lift, it seemed fine yesterday evening, working normally with not a sign of vandalism or inappropriate use. Someone obviously forgot to tell the rioters it was there.

    That’s the good news. The bad is that efforts to get the side gate reopened seem to have come to a complete stop. Is this campaign still active?

    • pffft… dunno… I haven’t had any reply from SouthEastern. I guess I should go and remonstrate with the blokes in the ticket office, but I haven’t summoned up the courage yet… But if anyone else wants to give it a go?

  5. scared of chives

    If the lift is put out of use through inappropriate use – will these help get the side gate open?

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