Blackheath Bluecoats School to close?

From 853blog today:

Failing Blackheath Bluecoat School Faces Closure

I know next to nothing about schools in this area, I’m ashamed to say. Being just the wrong age – no kids yet, and too old to have have gone to school around here, I try to avoid writing about subjects I have no experience of (hence the endless posts about wandering down the high street).

Bluecoats is highly visible on Twitter, and I’d be interested to know your thoughts on this. It’s always sad when a school has problems.


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6 responses to “Blackheath Bluecoats School to close?

  1. Anonymous

    this schls moist

      • teacher

        I would like to point out that the school is not a failing school, neither is it ‘not doing well’. The school has just had its highest GCSE pass rate ever. The school is a wonderful institutuion that deals with some very challenging pupils with very difficult personal issues and home lives. The teachers are fully committed to the school. If this school closes it will be a tragedy.

      • Fair point – I’ve updated the post to end with “has problems”, not “isn’t doing well”. I really wasn’t trying to criticise the school at all. As I’ve said in many posts, I know next to nothing about the schools around here. I think the comprehensive school system is a wonderful thing. Apologies if it came across as unnecessary criticism.

      • teacher

        Thank you!
        We dont claim to have perfect children- what school does?! but closing the school does not solve the problem it just moves the problem elsewhere. The reason the school is so successful recently is due to the low numbers of pupils- the precise reason that Greenwich Council are trying to shut the school. I worry about what will happen to the most vulnerable students who would not cope well in a large school if BBCS closes. Thanks for listening!

  2. julie

    I am a pupil at blackheath bluecoats and i have to say that our school is actully really improving i have been thaere for a while and it is actually like a family so it would not be fair to close the school some of us do not cope in large schools hense the reason we are at blackheath bluecoats so greenwich counsil should understand us for that reason thank :)

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