Seventies bus and a forgotten hotel

Great photo from 1974 of a Number 54 bus passing the Heathview hotel in Montpelier Row by Lloyd Rich on Flickr. As one commenter pointed out “just about to be overtaken by Emma Peel too”. Sent in response to the perennially popular post Memories of Blackheath 1944-1958 by Bob Land.

Post here by the Phantom, about the Heathview as it was called.
Another photo here.


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6 responses to “Seventies bus and a forgotten hotel

  1. scared of chives

    Ah…the 54

    We used to drink in Beckenham most Friday in the 80s – and my mate caught the last 54 back to Blackheath, no doubt picking up a kebab somewhere in the village.

    For more on the 54’s number plate:

    • Michelle O'Brien

      I may be wrong, but I don’t think late-night takeaway fast food had reached the Village by the ’80s. That’s a much more recent arrival.

      • scared of chives

        perhaps Lewisham…(he would do anything for a large doner, double onions, extra chili…)

        I’m sure, when I’ve lived on Tranquil Vale, you could get stuff – new post BB?

  2. Nice bus, an RT I think, before the Routemaster. Not that I’m a bus geek…

  3. Kate

    I cant remember how late it stayed open but the Chinese takeaway has been around for years.

  4. Anonymous

    The Heathview was owned by a Mrs Pancoast Bliss in the 20s/30s. Her son, Ronald was a racing driver. There was an incident there, circa 1927/8/9 where a woman was held at gunpoint, but I’ve haven’t found a local newspaper report of it – yet. But nice to see the hotel.

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