More on betting shops

If you are going to write to your local councilors to oppose a third betting shop in Blackheath Standard, please take a look through the many articles on the Crosswhatfields blog. There’s loads of information about how they managed to prevent a Betfred shop from turning up next to the TEN other gambling outlets on their high street.

Remember, if you want to raise an objection, you need to write to the local councillors and the licensing authority before October 2nd.

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  1. Anonymous

    Different country, different business, same problem

    Mr Jahn said the council had received 80 submissions from residents which varied from arguing the area was already well served by brothels to claims the brothel had no access for people with disabilities.

    In his report rebutting the objections, Mr Jahn said there was ”no approved sex premises venue within a 75-metre radius of the site”.

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