A sharp-eyed (fingered?) anonymous commenter has spotted that the URL is now redirecting to
Which suggests that the wheels are in motion for the move into the former off-license two doors down from Boulangerie Jade. Which is excellent news. But don’t worry, I promise not to tweet any 2 for 1 deals on haddock. That would be tacky.


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4 responses to “Fishier

  1. GBUK

    Well spotted! Can I point out that Boulangerie Jade’s window is now sporting an A4 page advertising for a job position for the new fishmonger set to open? :)

  2. Anonymous

    That’s the website address of the fishmonger in Royal Hill. I hope this will be as well as and not instead of the Royal Hill one.

  3. Paul

    there’s no connection. The Fishmonger in Greenwich simply bought the overlapping URLs, I guess for more visibility in Google searches – exactly as you’ve found.

    So the good news is we still have our lovely fish shack on Royal Hill…

  4. Anonymous

    Old Mrs Coultate’s set to become Coquillage. Bit cramped for a fish shop. Small shellfish?

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