Big screen and big brother

On Monday the police are planning to bring a large video screen to Blackheath, in order to project images of suspected looters from around the area. I’d love to know how many convictions will result from this. All it will do is make people feel as though they live in a police state. Maybe we could all stand in front of the screens and hurl abuse too?


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6 responses to “Big screen and big brother

  1. Maisie

    I would be curious to know if these screens are successful but if one little toe rag can be identified I’m all for it.
    These individuals caused fear & havoc throughout London. They destroyed the businesses of hard working shop owners. I have little sympathy for them.

    • Anonymous

      I hear that if more than ten looters are correctly identified, then the Police will be showing the classic ‘The Empire Strikes Back’ as a reward for the crowd.

      Local bobby just confirmed that it would be the original ESB with puppet Yoda and without any added updated CGI effects etc. “We wouldn’t want to get involved with that muck,” he told me.

      Happy days.

  2. Bob Land

    I say use every method available to catch criminals, whatever sort they are,never mind Big Brother, privacy etc etc. If you are a normal law abiding citizen, what on earth have you to be afraid of.

  3. Set the dogs on them!

    “What on earth have you to be afraid of?” Mistaken identity, or guilt by association, maybe? Irreparable ostracism from your community, even after you’ve served your penal sentence. There are lots of reasons not to “use every method available” to catch criminals, and most of those reasons have to do with protecting those “normal law abiding citizens” you speak of.

    • Bob Land

      So all innocent people are always looking over their shoulders and if they see a CCTV camera, make sure they avoid being seen on camera.

      If you have to live like that, then you are as furtive as a criminal !!!

  4. Police state? What police state? We don’t appear to have got round to shooting looters yet …

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