Blackheath Funfair fenced in by GPS

Here’s a GPS trace of the Blackheath Funfair fencing. It’s the first time I can remember them fencing the funfair off, and several people have tweeted asking whether this is legal. I have no idea, but I suspect that the police would view it as not worth the bother, even if it isn’t… Much like the council’s attitude towards Foxtons and their illegal lighting.

Anyway, at least you’ve got a record of the first encroachment. So that when the funfair decides to declare the Independent People’s Republic of Fairgroundia, you can say that you remember where it began.

GPS trail made using the Trails app.


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8 responses to “Blackheath Funfair fenced in by GPS

  1. Gosh, that model plane chappie has excelled himself with that pic…..

  2. Catherine

    I recall some antisocial behaviour last year in the middle of the fairground next to a (clearly unmanned) police surveillance truck. Could it be related?

    But of longer-term interest… What’s with the major path works on the Heath, and is the roadside dumping of road-grindings fly-tipping or anti-car defences?

  3. what a pity there isn’t a “like” button or even a “file for future reference” button…

  4. GBUK

    Last time I went to the fun fair sometime earlier this year on this same spot, it was already fenced out and they were charging some outrageous fee (yes even for kids under 4) just to get on the grounds… methinks that would be the main reason of the fence.

  5. Polly

    I just ran past the pathworks on the heath. They’re moving the dumped earth and using it for the path, and they appear to be laying fancy stone edging along the path edges. I wondered to myself how on earth our council can afford such unnecessary beautification in this economic climate, and then I realised that it’s probably Olympics-related. Does anyone know who is funding this (and why the money isn’t running our library instead)?

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