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Blackheath Funfair fenced in by GPS

Here’s a GPS trace of the Blackheath Funfair fencing. It’s the first time I can remember them fencing the funfair off, and several people have tweeted asking whether this is legal. I have no idea, but I suspect that the police would view it as not worth the bother, even if it isn’t… Much like the council’s attitude towards Foxtons and their illegal lighting.

Anyway, at least you’ve got a record of the first encroachment. So that when the funfair decides to declare the Independent People’s Republic of Fairgroundia, you can say that you remember where it began.

GPS trail made using the Trails app.


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Blackheath Fun Fair

Non-scary ghost train at Blackheath Fun Fair
It’s on again, including Bank Holiday Monday (today). Dodgems very good. Ghost train not scary. See the Enclosure map via GPS here. I’ve just been this afternoon. They weren’t charging for entrance (last time they did). Times change, I guess.

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