Pop music for old people

Podcast interview with Tom Waites, one of the organisers of the proposed pop festival here.

You can subscribe to the whole “In The Meantime” Podcast about Greenwich here (iTunes link).

Desperately needs compressing, normalising, and the interviewer to be nearer the mic or about 6 dB louder, but apart from that, it’s great to have a local podcast.


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5 responses to “Pop music for old people

  1. “The interviewer to be nearer the mic or about 6 dB louder”

    Agreed, we had to turn up our speakers a lot to listen. Much loudly than when we listen to Spotify.

  2. Locally Interested

    Mr Bugle – well volunteered!

  3. scared of chives

    agreed BB – a good podcast though, learned a lot – Tom Wates a nice guy

  4. Anonymous

    Pop music for OLD PEOPLE, you say? Don’t make me laugh, Sunshine!

    From what the organizers say they’re planning, the festival looks like being far too bland, tame and family-friendly for most of the old rockers round here.

    Raised on the Stones, the LSD-and-pot-fueled excesses of the ’60s, moving on to Punk, and taking in on the way a trail of trashed-up universities and anti-war street rioting, they’re more likely to go for Thrash Metal than the nice likes of Mumford and Sons.

    • :) I should probably clarify that – I meant that pop music is designed for young people. It’s built for hormones – it amplifies mood swings. Perfect for 15 year-olds, but there’s something a bit tragic about 35 year-olds banging on about pop music. Anyway, in retrospect it was probably a dumb title for the post that was over hurried and under-thought-about…

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