Met the managers

I went to meet the managers. A nice bloke from National Rail wrote down my problem with the sliding door on a piece of paper, and said he’d tell someone. The person I spoke to from SouthEastern trains said that they don’t have a Passengers Panel. They suggested filling out the web-form on their site, or writing a letter. On paper. In 2011! need an email address to send things to – they can’t work with webforms yet. They mentioned Passenger Focus and London Travel Watch as possible alternatives, and gave me the email address of the head of communications – sarah (dot) boundy (at)

Dear Sarah,

Please could you find a way to allow to contact SouthEastern Railways directly?

It’s a great site, designed by the people who make the democracy-based and

The reason I’m asking is because there are more than 30 people at Blackheath Station who would really like SouthEastern to reopen the sliding blue door on the ramp up from the Kent-bound platform!

See below:

Many thanks,

Blackheath Bugle


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8 responses to “Met the managers

  1. Mat Gough

    I too met the managers this morning: two slightly terrified looking chaps, Colin Clifton from Southeastern and John Cooper from Network Rail. Once I’d convinced them I wasn’t going to shout and cause a scene they relaxed considerably and we had a very interesting chat about the sliding door, and other things to do with the station. As with you, Mr Bugle, Colin wrote down the details of my concerns: namely that the sliding door had been locked and barricaded over with the (removable) railings, with no consultation or notification, and that the resultant blockage at the top of the slope caused by people using at the cash point and/or dithering on the pavement at rush hour is utterly intolerable, particularly for the large number of commuters who then have to walk back down the hill past the sliding door and also past a second locked gate to get to the car park.

    They both agreed that it sounded ridiculous, and Colin promised to investigate and email me within the next couple of days.

    Interestingly he also said that the works at Blackheath Station are not finished…. we’re an ‘olympic’ station apparently, so there are going to be on-going works including repainting as well as more substantial (involving scaffolding etc) renovations to ‘show the station at its best in time for next summer’.

    I’ll let you know on here if and when I hear from him…..

  2. Ed

    Thanks for both of you going

  3. Talking about fixing the station… is it only me or is it properly outrageous that after so many months of closing the entrance on platform 1 for refurbishment, there appears to be a major leak by the stairs at the first sign of rain, as seen this morning?

  4. Mat Gough

    OK, so I’ve just had a reply from the guy at Southeastern:

    Dear Matthew

    I am writing to respond to the questions you asked me with relation to Blackheath station at the Southeastern “Meet the Manager” event on 18 August.

    In terms of the side access on the slope of the country-bound platform, this is intended to remain closed and hand rails have been installed across it to assist mobility-impaired passengers. However the hand rails are removable to allow the gate to be opened for special events when station use increases significantly (e.g. fireworks, Olympics), and this arrangement will be operated as necessary.

    There are no current plans to provide additional passenger information monitors at Blackheath. However those in place on the London-bound platform have been reviewed and are considered to have adequate visibility.


    Colin Clifton


    I’ve replied requesting further information, but I suspect this may be the end of the line…

    • But there are rails outside down to that door! And the slope is less steep outside! If anyone reading this is mobility impaired, I’d love to know what they think about it…

      • Mat Gough

        That’s exactly what I thought…. having that doorway open would HELP mobility impaired people! I said as much in my reply, and asked to see their feasibility studies and user questionnaires (via the freedom of information act!) to show how blocking the door would help, so we shall see what they have to say.

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