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Met the managers

I went to meet the managers. A nice bloke from National Rail wrote down my problem with the sliding door on a piece of paper, and said he’d tell someone. The person I spoke to from SouthEastern trains said that they don’t have a Passengers Panel. They suggested filling out the web-form on their site, or writing a letter. On paper. In 2011!

Fixmytransport.com need an email address to send things to – they can’t work with webforms yet. They mentioned Passenger Focus and London Travel Watch as possible alternatives, and gave me the email address of the head of communications – sarah (dot) boundy (at) southeasternrailway.co.uk

Dear Sarah,

Please could you find a way to allow fixmytransport.com to contact SouthEastern Railways directly?

It’s a great site, designed by the people who make the democracy-based writetothem.org theyworkforyou.com and fixmystreet.com

The reason I’m asking is because there are more than 30 people at Blackheath Station who would really like SouthEastern to reopen the sliding blue door on the ramp up from the Kent-bound platform!

See below:


Many thanks,

Blackheath Bugle


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