Meet South Eastern face to face tomorrow morning

Sliding Blue Door that SouthEastern have decided to lock
As pointed out on the newly formed myblackheath blog (hopefully not run by estate agents), SouthEastern Trains are holding a Meet The Managers morning at Charing Cross station on Thursday (tomorrow) from 8am-10am. This is a monthly event whereby the SouthEastern managers stand around explaining that very few things are their fault, most things are either due to the government’s reduction of state subsidy, or Network Transport’s problems.

Please try and speak to them tomorrow if you can… A few things to consider:

* SouthEastern are owned by Govia. Govia is owned by Go-Ahead Group and Keolis. These two companies made a profit of £23.5m and £93m (€106m) respectively last year. These figures are both up from 2009. For bittersweet irony check this out: Keolis is majority owned by France’s nationalised state transport provider, SNCF. So France is allowed to have a nationalised rail system, but takes profit from our privatised system.

* Network Rail own Blackheath station, but it is managed and run by SouthEastern (see how nothing is one organisation’s fault?)

* If they wanted to open the bloody door, they could! Please sign up to the request to open the sliding door!

* They don’t like speaking to bloggers or press at these events. They also don’t like tape recorders. Go as an individual. Here’s an idea: wear your iphone headphones around your neck, and hit record before you wander up…

* Ask them how should contact southEastern. So far they don’t seem to be responding to any messages!

Here’s how it went when I met them last year.


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10 responses to “Meet South Eastern face to face tomorrow morning

  1. Jonathan Andrews

    I think you are right to point out that southeastern’s managers are able to avoid responsibility by blaming network rail and falling subsidy, likewise responsibility for Blackheath station. I’m not sure though how this can be any different.
    Secondly, quoting profits of holding companies seems irrelevant; it would be more useful to know what profits they generate from southeastern.
    I have attended these meeting in previous times (First Great Eastern) and generally found myself more sympathetic with the managers as a result. Despite recent press, I think rail services are better now than say 15 years ago. The Hatfield crash was an important turning point.
    Can I suggest you ask the managers what they think they should take responsibility for?
    Thank you for you blog and efforts.

    • i think they should be responsive to customer requests – sites like fixmytransport are a great way to improve visibility of issues that are affecting travel customers, and to improve accountability of the transport companies… Eventually I hope they’ll have detailed stats allowing users to compare which transport companies are most/least responsive, and which ones customers are happiest with. I expect them to manage the station effectively. If you look at the wobbly bridge fiasco over the last few months, this has not been the case. They have full time station staff, but those staff do not make announcements to customers on the platform when there are problems. They don’t open the blue door, for reasons that escape me. These are simple things with little or no extra cost, which only require a change in behaviour. I’m not expecting the turkeys to vote for a renationalised Christmas, but I do expect them to take responsibility for what little can be pinned on to them.

  2. Michele O'Brien

    “As pointed out on the newly formed myblackheath blog (hopefully not run by estate agents), SouthEastern Trains are holding a Meet The Managers morning at Charing Cross station on Thursday …”

    You must excuse me please for going off on a tangent, but I am intrigued
    not so much by the sliding door at the station as by myblackheath blog and who is writing it.

    Clicking the link you provided above, Mr. ‘Orn, myblackheath blog looks to be the work of an organization called Citizens Income Trust, which gives the following postal address, phone number and website address:

    Citizens Income Trust‎
    PO Box 26586
    London SE3 7WY, United Kingdom
    020 8305 1222‎

    The google map reference it provides, viewed in photographic close-up, shows Blackheath Post Office sorting office in Blackheath Grove.

    Clicking on the link they provide is even more intriguing.
    It provides as far as I can see absolutely no names of anybody involved in the organization but has a huge amount of wordage which to my mind is about as clear as mud when it comes to explaining what Citizens Income Trust is and does.

    Who are Citizens Income Trust? They may be lovely people but why would they want to launch a myblackheath blog? Perhaps I am just being ignorant and they are famous and celebrated but does anybody have any answers?

    • Having chatted with MyBlackheathBlog on Twitter I understand that the Google link is supposed to be linking to the Post Office (Blackheath Grove, SE3 0AU), a hop, skip and a jump away from the Citizens Income Trust.

      MBB tells me the traditional centre of a town is the Post Office so I think it this might be a mistake and we might be reading a little too much into this. :).

      I also suggested that the ‘Find Us’ page is a bit pointless and bearing in mind Michelle’s comment possible misleading! :).

  3. Lara

    Interesting reading my dear Bugle. Fyi, I am not MBB. I live in Greenwich. Not sure exactly what point you are making but just wanted to say that anyway. :-)

  4. Adrian

    Gotta love Bugles woof! Someone needs to pass me a screen wipe!

  5. Dear Bugle, if they are a little camera shy might I suggest something like the excellent little device hidden below!

  6. Mark

    If you keep getting ignored, perhaps some direct action might work.

    Where I used to live, they install a pay and display unit in the local car park. One night, a local welded the coin slot shut. After this had happened about 5 times, the unit was removed.

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