From kites to photos…

Fergus Noone Photography
The old sports shop has become a Fergus Noone wedding photography shop (there’s another one in Greenwich)… Maybe they could stock a couple of kite models just in case? Or start specialising in kite aerial photography? The perfect hobby for the heath!

Photo shows the sign writer in action here (snapped from a fast-moving 202 bus.. No really).. Tip off from @BBCarpentry


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12 responses to “From kites to photos…

  1. Richard Dixon (@drdickdixon)

    Dammit – I thought it might actually be a useful shop !

  2. Sam TR

    Also quite disappointed. So now focusing on the fishmongers I hear is about to open next month. Hopefully the remaining empty units in Blackheath will be more useful. Wedding photography and then children clothes…whatever next…divorce lawyer or funeral parlour?

    • Anonymous

      Baby stuff. Various schools. Riot-friendly teen stuff. Wedding fluff. Several divorce solicitors. Pensioner-friendly charity shops. Praps a monumental mason would complete the cradle-to-grave journey? And a psychic to extend the cycle?

  3. Anonymous

    Super. Only three other such businesses operating in Blackheath [that I know about].

  4. Fergus Noone is a local and is an ace photographer, and he runs courses in photography, what’s not to like?

  5. Is there any kind of new shop opening that wouldn’t prompt instant complaints from readers of this blog? Anyone taking the risk of opening a new shop in this environment is pretty brave, and these are independent traders and local people. You can’t have every shop in a village tailored precisely to your needs, unfortunately.

  6. Well, I’m afraid he’s missed his chance with me by about 20 years, but good luck to him.

    Must admit, the idea of a fishmongers appeals. Has anyone got any more details about this, or is it just hot air?

  7. Here’s an example of using a kite to film from way up there:

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