Removals in Blackheath

Removals in Blackheath
I promise this won’t turn into a regular feature, but if you need someone to move your stuff from A to B, this guy is really good. We’ve used him twice now, and he’s been good both times. And no, I don’t agree with fly-posting, but at least it’s a useful poster (unlike half the hideous ads we have to look at in the station). We needed someone, he’s local, cheap, and helpful. He charges by the hour, drives a big van, and can bring a second pair of hands if necessary. Telephone 07523094412.

(Incidentally, this isn’t an ad, it’s an endorsement. He doesn’t know who I am, and didn’t ask me to do this).


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2 responses to “Removals in Blackheath

  1. Jenia


    I have been mistreated by this trader. While removing stuff from my attic, he damaged the ceiling in my property and refuses to repair it. The ceiling has now become a hazard to my family and my baby. I need to write him a complaint letter, so I could pursue this matter formally, but he doesn’t want to disclose his address. If you have it, could you please give it to me at your earliest convenience? Thank you.

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