Get the sliding door reopened

I’m using the excellent new FixMyTransport to persuade Southeastern to get SouthEastern to re-open the sliding blue door!

Who wouldn’t love a website with the tag line “Euston we have a problem”?!

Can anyone explain to me why it would be a good idea to permanently close the side exit from Blackheath station by barricading it with a bannister? Tired commuters on their way home used to love gasping out into the open air. It makes no sense to keep it locked, and makes us miserable!

Please come and support me at


PS – The shortened version is which would probably fit on a sticker :)


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20 responses to “Get the sliding door reopened

  1. Yes! It takes SO LONG to get from the platform to the street because of that stupid bit of design, especially because you get people clogging up the passageway by the ATM.

  2. Blackheath Bird

    YES! And at the same time can we persuade them to leave the Platform 4 exit at Lewisham permanently open? The excuse there is that it would need staffing, but since the rest of the station is unmanned in the evenings that doesn’t quite make sense.

    BlackSoc – I think you lobbied for the Lewisham exit (good!). Any chance you can up the ante and get both it and the Blackheath exits reopened?

    • In answer to Blackheath Bird, we have already upped the anti. We wrote to Southeastern and Network Rail about the door at Blackheath two weeks ago. That’s plenty of time for a reply, so we are chasing. We understand that a decision has still to be made on the Lewisham Platform 4 gate, but we are continuing to monitor the situation. Southeastern can be under no illusion as to the wishes of their customers.

      • Blackheath Bird

        Great, well done, BlackSock! Lovely to hear from you!

        Now, about that bus lane …

      • Michele O'Brien

        Can we please be told who this voice claiming to be “The Blackheath Society” is.

        Are you one of its 12-member management committee and therefore able to speak with authority on behalf of of the Society?

        Or are you simply a rank-and-file member of the Society and therefore speaking for nobody but yourself – just like everyone else who contributes to this blog?

        Come to that, are you in fact a member of the Society in the first place? I think it’s important we be told. As everyone is aware, there are plenty of people posting on the blogsphere who claim to be all sorts of things they’re not.

        If you really are speaking on behalf of the Society why the anonymity? Why not state your real name and your position with the Society?

  3. Paul

    I would have thought it’s pointless to have a door with railing in front of it in the first place. I suggest Southeastern look at the old design of the origanal station which probally gives the reason for the doors existance in the first place, probally a door to ease congestion…

  4. Matthew Gough

    Signed up and shared on Facebook.

    But… On the site item three says ‘undelivered to southeastern due to permanent error with the address’. Does this mean it’s not even made it to them?

    • I contacted them, and they’re going to find the correct contact details for South Eastern, and said that the messages will get through! So don’t be disheartened!

      • There’s now a reply on the page too, which is good:

        Just a note to say that we’re aware of the bounceback on this email, and have re-sent it to what we now believe is the correct address. Here’s hoping for a reply from Southeastern soon.

  5. Bex

    I agree the door needs to be open!

  6. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    Odd, also, that the handrails are dark blue, in front of a wall that’s also dark blue. Surely the rule is that they should be in a contrasting colour? So people with poor vision can see them.

  7. Ed

    Let’s hope common sense prevails and it gets open

  8. Catherine

    I noticed that the gate from this platform into the car park has been changed, has a new opening mechanism, and a temporary sign saying “this gate is not yet operational”. Since it can’t be the official level access (since the ramp and pavement are now that, could it possibly be (do I dare to think?) that it might replace the sliding door from the ramp? No Oyster reader there though…
    I wish they’d just tell us what they are planning.

  9. Mat Gough

    just left a comment on the ‘met the managers’ thread. I suspect our quest may be fruitless….

  10. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    An alternative, of course, would be to open permanently the gate at the bottom of the new path that was built to provide disabled access. All it would need is a couple of Oyster readers.

  11. Michelle O'Brien

    AUG. 10: “Get the sliding door reopened”.
    SEPT. 8: The sliding door remains shut.

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