Stoke that fear

Blackheath in a time of unrest by Charlie Beaumont
There aren’t hundreds of youths stalking across the heath towards your home. Anyone who tweeted that doesn’t realise the consequences of stirring up fear. Neither it seems are the National Front heading into Lewisham, or if they are they’re taking a very long time about it…

You really don’t want the army called in, or martial law declared. Encouraging vigilante groups isn’t going to help, even though I’m not sure how a pub vigil is any different from just sitting in the pub (a procedure I would usually be in favour of). Certain people who aren’t going to be dignified with a link here should stop criticising local councillors, and try and behave more responsibly. It’s not a great time to be scoring cheap political points in either direction.

The scariest thing about the rioters is that there is no agenda. There is no manifesto. It’s not “for” anything, except rage or theft.
Great post here from the Phantom.
Surprisingly good editorial here in the Telegraph.
Photo by twitter user @CharlieBeaumont


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4 responses to “Stoke that fear

  1. Kate

    Bravo Bugle. Also, fab, Phantom. And as you say, good editorial in the Telegraph. Another important one in the Independent, by Camila Batmanghelidjh:
    Can we trust our politicians to be sensible?

  2. Anonymous

    I sit in in Oz thinking about lovely Blackheath and the many great days I had walking around it, Lewisham, Greenwich and the Standard. Its been a while since I lived there but I remember the place fondly and indeed think it is one of the best places in the world to live. I am saddened by the riots and the violence and I truly hope that you, the people of Blackheath and the UK can turn this episode into something positive. I know everyone is saying its just criminal and that is all but question would this have happened 50 yrs ago? What about 100 yrs ago? If not then what has changed? I don’t believe its poverty. I believe it is the globalisation and corporatisation of democracy and the loss of real community democracy. The inability for people to really have a say in what they believe in. I hope you can all find a way to question what it is that caused this and find a way forward. And I hope that the beautiful little village that is Blackheath remains a peaceful, sleepy part of London.

  3. Good post, Bugle. It would be good if people could understand that *not* tweeting and retweeting unfounded rumours is a positive action they can take.

  4. Adrian

    Well said Bugle.

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