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Stoke that fear

Blackheath in a time of unrest by Charlie Beaumont
There aren’t hundreds of youths stalking across the heath towards your home. Anyone who tweeted that doesn’t realise the consequences of stirring up fear. Neither it seems are the National Front heading into Lewisham, or if they are they’re taking a very long time about it…

You really don’t want the army called in, or martial law declared. Encouraging vigilante groups isn’t going to help, even though I’m not sure how a pub vigil is any different from just sitting in the pub (a procedure I would usually be in favour of). Certain people who aren’t going to be dignified with a link here should stop criticising local councillors, and try and behave more responsibly. It’s not a great time to be scoring cheap political points in either direction.

The scariest thing about the rioters is that there is no agenda. There is no manifesto. It’s not “for” anything, except rage or theft.
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Photo by twitter user @CharlieBeaumont


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