London Riots

Photo of looters in Lewisham from @kate_day
At about 17:40 this evening, Mrs Bugle was dumped off a 185 bus near Rosenthal Road this evening by a cowardly bus driver who when he saw a load of people looting a shop. Rather than getting his passengers to safety, he opened the doors in front of the shop, dumped the bus and ran away. He left the passengers to fend for themselves. She ran away towards Ladywell, and called 3 different taxi companies who all said they couldn’t pick her up because of the riots in Lewisham. She was with her 15 year old niece, and only managed to get home because a passing black cab driver took pity on them and picked them up. She didn’t have enough cash on her to give him a tip.
Twitpic by @kate_day showing looters breaking into Argos in Lewisham
The clothes shop Rogue in the village has been smashed up:
Rogue clothes shop smashed up in Blackheath.  Photo by Joss Crowley
Photo by @josscrowley
Another angle by @bigredferno:
Rogue looting photo by @bigredferno


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75 responses to “London Riots

  1. Anonymous

    Horrifying — glad they made it home OK

  2. I’m totally disgusted with the behaviour of these looters! It just goes to show that some people have no shame and accountability for themselves. I cycle from Lee to Camden and have to go through Lewisham on the way to and from work. Luckily as I was leaving work today, a collegue asked me which route I take home. When I mentioned Lewisham he said better avoid it because of what was going on. Luckily his advice paid off. I cycled from New Cross up that massive hill on Shooters Hill and through Blackheath to Lee. Missed all the problems at Lewisham. I hope common sense prevails and these people stop what they’re doing. Glad Mrs B. Made it home safe

  3. Anonymous

    How pathetic of you to call the bus driver a coward. I can’t imagine you acting any differently. And why didn’t you go to Ladywell to pick up your wife?

  4. Anonymous

    Sorry for your wife, but really I don’t blame the bus driver. He is not a security guard. He has probably heard about buses being set upon in N London.

  5. Anonymous

    I object to paying tax to pay these people’s (if that’s the right word) benefits. How dumb can you get?

  6. Sorry your wife and niece had that experience. Glad they are safe and sound now. x.

  7. Anonymous

    hope Blackheath is ok. Very fond memories of living at Standard, Kidbrooke Park, Elliot Hill for a number of years. Now sitting here in Oz and cant believe what I’m seeing

  8. Bex

    Hoodies just started on Blackheath! Not fun living above shops in village at the moment!

    • Anonymous

      I live nearby too. Was watching it until 1am. I saw them kick in the Rogue window and called the police. Hateful hooligans, no better than terrorists! Our united neighbourhood watch front was strong though. Residents opened their windows, to keep an eye on things. The Best One and Sun Bo owners have a lot to be thanked for, as do the workmen who patrolled the streets and chased away the looters. Brave men!!

  9. Lilly

    Has anyone seen the weird white aerial thing that has appeared in the Village this evening? I can see it from my flat.

  10. ElizaF

    Anyone who defends that bus driver is a Muppet (or a similarly cowardly creature) If he saw that there was a threat to his well-being and that of his passengers, he should have continued on to a point where it was safe to drop them off rather than just abandoning them, just like any normal, decent human being should do.

    BB, Really glad your wife and niece got home safely.

    BTW, your post should be called London LOOTING not rioting because this is what these opportunist t..ools are doing.

  11. D

    I think we’re going to have a nationwide curfew within a few days. The army needs to be put on the street – simply not enough police to stop civil war. I read a report that a Wetherspoons at Lee Green (in the precinct?) had been subjected to a mass mugging. Is that true?

    The underclass are rising up.

    • Anonymous

      Not sure about the mugging part but it was smashed to pieces and everything stolen. My friend is a manager there and it happened last night, she said no-one was hurt.

  12. D

    Blackheath been got. Designer clothes shop Rogue smashed up

    00:44 Tue 9 Aug

  13. Anonymous

    I work at a local cab office in blackheath, we were trying to still get people home right up till the moment they started to riot in the village and we had to leave at a moments notice. We were not able to pick up in lewisham, ladywell, lee,or brockley, police turned these areas into no go zones for us, no doubt it was the same for the other taxi offices your wife called.

  14. I’m so please she made it home ok. I can’t quiet believe what I’m seeing. We left Lee a year ago to move to Leeds. Up until last night I had alway felt far safer in Lewisham than I did in central Leeds. I hope this stops.

  15. Paul

    I can’t unerstand the sort of jobsworth mentality that defends that cowardly bus driver. Wht about common sense and compassionate humanity? It defies all sense to just dump bus passengers like that. I hope the driver reads this and shows it to his family to make it clear what sort of person he is!

  16. Nichole

    Complete yobs right outside our house last night in the village, very scared and worried for our safety. I feel sorry for our next door neighbour who had his motorbike kicked over and the two shop owners. Is this going to continue for another night?

    • heartof thevillageresident

      This is what I saw. It started in the village soon after after Lewisham kicked-off at about 5:30. A gang of 12 school-age white middle class Blackheath kids (if you’re reading this I know who you are) came to the rear of our building – trying to get into the back of the shops (Startrite, Greggs, etc). They then went round to the front of Greggs and began intimidating the staff who were locking-up. Relatively quiet after that until about 10pm – following problems at 24hr shop and Sun Bo their staff closed-up and stood outside protecting the premises – I watched masked looters going down the alley behind their premises – the alarm at Nicolas’ went off. Then the mens’ clothes shop and the furniture shop were attacked. I think followed by Raffles. At midnight a friend living at the top of Wemyss road called me – terrified by a mob massing at the junction of Wemyss Rd and Montpelier Vale. A police car and and van drove round the village siren full on but didn’t stop. My night finished at 1:30am watching three kids in the regulation grey tracksuit walking across the Blackheath Grove carpark from Wemyss Road – the youngest was about 7 years old. Soon after a hooded man was dropped off in the carpark and walked off up Blackheath Grove carrying what looked like a bundle of trousers. Nearby businesses (eg. Startrite and Hext’s) have been the victims of professional thieves over the last few months – this coordinated rioting gives the professionals a great business opportunity because the police seem powerless in the face of it. As one of your correspondents notes: not a good time to be living over a shop in historic Blackheath Village.

  17. Darren

    Live by the Village and was burgled last month and now all this, What the hell is going on. The Met have no control, maybe it’s time for a Spanish style Guardia Civil. Armed Police who these little muppets actually fear

  18. India

    im not being funny, but i live between lewisham and blackheath, im 15 and my parents have told me im not allowed to go out. im home alone and am litterally shitting myself. im so scared. i hope everyone stays safe and no one gets hurt. STOP FUCKING UP OUR TOWNS. if you had any respect, you would stop. If u ask me its not just cuz their kids, its generally comeing from places with alot of poverty and an already high crime rate. YOU DONT SEE WORKING CLASS PEOPLE DOING THIS!!!!

  19. Anonymous

    I’m sure i can speak for most people, but i just want to thank all the people who are trying to protect Blackheath. I for one really appreciate it and makes me feel somewhat safer about whats going on.

    Where we live now we heard/saw Raffles being bashed in and saw (i think) the guys from the Cactus Pit run out and try and scare them off. And I am glad to hear otehr shops did the same. Seeing it all go on was fearful enough but we used to live on the corner of Wemyss and Montpelier Vale and if we were still there i’d have been extremely fearful.

    The little idiots old are enough to realise about the nations bad economy but stupid enough not to know they’ve just made it a whole lot worse for themselves.

  20. john garcia

    I have twice waded into criminal incidents in the Village whilst other people looked on, once when a mob of twelve was ‘steaming’ Mc Coll’s.
    I will do the same again unless the odds are ridiculous. This time it is personal and not just someone else’s problem, it’s on our doorstep now.

  21. Blackheath Bird

    Cheer up, everybody. One in 10 police officers are due to be cut under Government spending plans, cos it’s not numbers that matter (apparently) it’s how they are deployed. Tell that to Blackheath villagers who are frightened, threatened and with little visible support from their Safer Neighbourhood Team who used to be great.

  22. Allan

    Hoodies in Blackheath station. Village shops smashed – be careful!

  23. Anonymous

    Is it not incredibly ironic that someone using the site as ‘Anonymous’ is calling other people cowards???

  24. Jimbo

    Are there any more updates from Blackheath? I’ve heard rumours about gangs congregating on the common.

  25. Anonymous

    Hi – does anyone have a current status report of what is happening in Blackheath Village and how safe it is? I ahve heard various reports that it has been declared a high risk area by the police and that some shops have been smashed up today. Time is now 3:20pm, Tuesday 9th August. Thank you.

  26. Tom

    Anyone know if anything is going on in Blackheath now?

    • heartof thevillageresident

      No sign of trouble. But many (most?) of the commercial premises have closed. India Jones shopfront is being boarded up. The Pares and Startrite shoe shops have closed and removed all their stock from the windows. Ad hoc neighbourhood protection schemes are being organised. The police reported as saying that the rumours of mobs gathering in Greenwich Park are unfounded.

  27. Anonymous

    My husband spoke to one of the shop owners at about 1.50pm today who said he and other shopkeepers were locking up early to be on the safe side. Rumours of people congregating near Greenwich Park (but not sure what that was based on)

  28. sue

    I have also heard that blackheath is a high risk area, is there any truth in this, has anyone witnessed any activity in the village today?

  29. Anonymous

    No activity on Heath.
    Most shops closed. Many have cleared their windows. Others are boarding fronts after police warnings about more potential action tonight. Is this Bosnia or Blackheath?

  30. Onthebus

    Blackheath is fairly busy, people are sunbathing but at the sane time India Jane is being boarded up and fat face looks like it has been looted as it has very few clothes left inside. Heath is quiet.

  31. Anonymous

    Has anyone heard anymore about problems in Blackheath?

  32. Emma

    Does anyone have any news on problems in the village?

  33. HB

    Need to pick my partner up from the station – is it safe?

  34. Anon

    Bloody hysteria!

  35. Naomi

    Just walked through blackheath – nothing to worry about as yet. Shops boarded up but Strada etc all still open. Police presence and helicopters circulating above. No signs of trouble. Stay safe x

  36. Symon

    I came through the village about 5pm this evening, mostly calm, but shops were still being boarded up, I have heard the rumours about riots coming to Blackheath from various people around London, but as far I can tell no one seems to know what these rumours are based upon, is fine to go pick people up from the station, my partner has just cycled homw from Brixton and has pointed out the people presence is strong and has seen no evidence of wrong doing as yet.

    fingers crossed for a peacful night in Blackheath

  37. Adrian

    Bloody hell. In the midst of all the rioting last night, some one stole the wobbly bridge at Blackheath Station. Now that is class!

  38. Adrian

    David Cameron: “I am granting the Metropolitan Police emergency powers to use water cannons, rubber bullets and tear gas to take back control of our streets from these poncing parasites biting the hand that feeds them. In addition I am deploying the British Army as a visible presence to provide the authority that is so very lacking.”

    – Carlsberg don’t do Prime Ministers, but if they did…!!

  39. JJ

    I bloody love living in this beautiful village. And I work hard to live here. Not giving it up to ignorant, expectant fools mistaking it as an easy target, a land of the priviliged. Standby good people of Blackheath. We’ll get through this if we hold fim, together.

  40. Anonymous

    hi any update about Blackheath situation, I work in the area and i am just worder if there is any other store´s windows smashed? I

  41. Dioba

    Hi any news about Balckheath? do you know if more stores have been smashed?

  42. Doctor

    have just driven through the village, very quiet obviously.
    no gatherings on the heath.
    lee way is definitely closed off, i had to go back on to A 2 and drive through village.
    hope all safe.

  43. Anonymous

    Focus seemed to be on the Kidbrooke/Ferrier Estate end of things, drove that way earlier this evening about 8pm and utter madness there.

    Must have been 15 police riot vans full to brim and area was going crazy with police activity around the junction with the texaco garage on.

    Had to turn around and come back through Blackheath to head to A2 in order to get to M25.

  44. Anonymous

    We need to look after each other seriously and our neighbourhoods.
    I live in an area of blackheath where no one even says Good Morning. Whats going on??
    Respect and being polite is something we as adults must do and be good role models to the youth. I grew up learning that and it has remained with me for life. Despite the fact I grew up in a 3rd wold country. Manners maketh a man,

  45. aison

    Two comments I’ve recently heard:

    **On BBC Business news segment at around 07:51 this morning an Insurance expert said people WITHOUT insurance could try to invoke old legislation – Public Order Act & Riot Damages Act 1886 – if riots are classed as riots to make claims for compensation from the Police. The definitions he gave of riots were ’12 or more people with a common purpose’, ‘using threatening behaviour’.

    At 8.14am the Dep. Asst. Commissioner of the Met, Stephen Kavanagh, used the terms looters, Rioters and criminals (obviously hadn’t been briefed yet!).

    Within the hour, the language of politicians seems to have changed. At 8.18am, Michael Gove, Education Secretary used terms ‘conflict on our streets’, the ‘Police are upholding civil order’, ‘these are organised criminal gangs, not rioters’, ‘people intent on thieving, stealing and enriching themselves’.

    At 8.24am, Hazel Blears, Salford MP, used terms ‘looting’.

    Nevertheless, captions on News broadcasts still say ‘UK Riots’ or ‘England Riots’ so I hope this gets out to unfortunate people with no insurance cover to pursue a claim, better yet a class action claim as there’ll be strength in numbers.

    **Secondly, seen lots of comments on here about how did this all start? What I heard is family and supporters of Mark Duggan were gathered outside the Police station requesting to speak to the Commissioner. They were fobbed off for hours by one minion after another and even told the Commissioner would be down – even though he was abroad on holiday. After several hours when the crowd was again being stalled with platitudes a 16-year old said something along the lines that it was ridiculous and they were just being fobbed off. At that point a PC drew his truncheon then either pushed or struck her (I’m unsure which). The crowd seeing this – and by and large were made up of people for whom the execution of Mark Duggan was fresh in their minds and already knew what we’re only now being told that he was an unarmed passenger in a minicab, no shots were fired at Police and he was shot while spread-eagled on the ground – were understandably angered. In fact I wouldn’t be surprised if, to use the cliché Police justification for every unlawful killing, the people were probably ‘in fear for their lives’. Anyway, as a result, scuffles broke out and it all escalated from there. If anyone has more accurate facts, would be interested in hearing.

    Finally whenever you hear authorities they only talk about damage to businesses (so it’s unsurprising the language is changing from ‘riots’ to prevent people making claims, but my heart goes out to people who’ve lost their homes, their vehicles they must rely on, or their jobs as well as those who’ve lost businesses they’ve invested their lives in. Most likely some businesses will not recover and reopen, but those who do should realise many of those who rioted were able to justify it in their warped minds because they see business owners that often live outside in affluent areas and send their children to outside schools, which is their right, so taking money out of the community and with few exceptions little going back into the same community.
    This generation have more trappings and benefits than most of us had, but goes to show that materialism isn’t what they need and it’s a pity for so long parents have had their ability to parent stripped from them

  46. Anonymous

    You refer to the “execution” of Mark Duggan. It’s mindless comnments like these that fuelled the riots on Saturday, or at least the Apologists who seem to be using the shooting as an excuse for appalling crimiinal behaviour. How do you knopw how he was shot and why? Where you there?

    • Hello Aison and Anon – without calling people mindless, can we try and keep it polite & applicable to the local area too please? There are plenty of other places for general thoughts… Thanks!

  47. aison

    I agree blackheathbugle. To Anon, ‘execution’ wasn’t my word, the statement was actually made on the BBC by a news reporter in one of the many interviews I’ve seen. No I wasn’t there – which is why I encouraged anyone who has any facts to add to do so – as many important points are getting overshadowed by the mindless criminality we’re seeing. As I said these were reports I’ve seen/heard – in terms of the shooting incident it was from an eye-witness to the shooting of Mark Duggan. Regarding the insurance issue, I genuinely hope to contribute will be something that will help those affected. We’re already seeing played out the mentality of people who think nothing of attacking people and property on the streets, doing the same Online is no better.

  48. Bob Land

    Have you all seen the ridiculous video of Boris Johnson on the BBC website,
    masquerading in the middle of a road somewhere , sporting a broom,
    surrounded by reporters and tv cameramen, I’ll wager that he does not even know how to hold a broom properly , let alone , join in clearing up the mess.

    Another fine example of a politician grabbing the limelight for his own needs ( and ego ) .

    Such behaviour is really disgusting , bearing in mind what was going on.
    I did not bother to turn the sound up , to listen to what he was saying , that would have probably also been to embarrassing to listen to.

  49. Michele O'Brien

    Does anybody know if there have been any arrests for the riot damage in Blackheath? The village is covered by CCTV.

  50. Anonymous

    “The village is covered by CCTV.”
    The bus lane may be but I’m pretty sure the rest of the cameras conked out years ago.

  51. Gill

    Here’s an email message from the Met that’s been circulating recently — hope it’s of interest:

    Operation Withern is the Met Police investigation into the disorder that has happened in London over the last few days. Your help is needs, however small you think the information may be.

    Do you know someone?
    Did you see something?

    Police are appealing for members of the public only to contact the Operation Withern Major Investigation Team number (020 8345 4142) if they have specific information about those individuals who have been involved in the violence and disorder that has occurred across London over the past few days.

    The team are receiving a significant number of calls that are not directly related to their investigation. These calls are impeding the ability of those with relevant information to get through to officers.

    Members of the public who would like up-to-date information or advice about the disorder should visit the Metropolitan Police Service website.

    You may also wish to consider subscribing to the official police messaging system Neighbourhood Link.

    Those who wish to make a comment about the policing of the disorder can do so online at In the event of an emergency, call the emergency number 999

    In the event of a non emergency, call the police on non emergency number 101

    Sergeant Mark McLellan MInstLM | Blackheath and Lee Green SNT | Lewisham Borough
    address 43 Lewisham High Street, SE13 5JZ
    telephone 0208 284 8497 | mobile 0755 7676 271 |email
    airwave (108900) 475525

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