BBC London News on the Festival Announcement

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10 responses to “BBC London News on the Festival Announcement

  1. anon

    I saw this lady filming on the heath on Saturday, she was on her own rushing back and forth to the camera – nice to see the BBC saving some money : )

  2. This is what lit my fire ‘a legal challenge by local residents’?

    • Kate

      It was indeed a legal challenge by local residents. Not *all* local residents, but a Society that is made up of local residents. Nothing wrong with the BBC’s description. You should have gone to the meeting in Hollyhedge House a few months ago where a large number of local residents objected very strongly to the festival – they were not all members of the Society by any means, many of them had small children, and nearly all of them live right next to the festival site. The other important thing to remember was that the Society was basically objecting to granting of the licence in perpetuity. It wasn’t objecting to the very idea of a festival.

      • scared of chives

        The Summer Sessions in Greenwich Park – all this week. Doors open at 5.30pm, curfew at 11pm. I make that 33 hours of crowds and music (not including the hour or so after 11pm when people leave – that’d be almost 40 hours). So that’s the equivalent of, say, a three-day festival starting at noon and finishing at 11pm. The Summer Sessions are over six days.

        There are many houses around the Park – and VERY close too – Crooms Hill, Maze Hill, Park Vista and so on.

        Does anyone know who’s complained (if anyone). Yes, it’s the school holidays and all that – but it ain’t just about da kidz is it?….oh..

  3. Yay! Thank you for putting this up Bugle! :)

  4. scared of chives

    @anon – I would have pressed the ‘record’ button for her…what’s the quote from Howard Shields: ‘deficient decisions on the part of authorities’. Huh?

  5. What it shows is that the courts take a dim view of over-litigious and pointless cases. Reading between the lines the BS should understand that the judge was sending out a clear message to them, don’t come to my court with these kind of claims. The lawyer who advised them also needs a slap too, she’ll still get paid for her bad advice.

    • If you were actually in court, that wasn’t what the magistrate said at all – the said the case had merit and he didn’t want to discourage residents from challenging licensing decisions, hence the BS getting away with “only” paying £80k instead of the full £130k+ costs.

  6. I’m glad it’s gone through – it’s certainly much less of an intrusion than the horse olympics (!) and having just worked at a similar festival in Dartford that was very positive, as long as NIMBY use a decent mix of local and larger acts I see no reason why this shouldn’t be a great couple of days. I do think, though, that the Blackheath Society do a great deal of good work and wanted to add my voice to those expressing appreciation for their wider efforts. If Lewisham Council had not consulted properly it was right and proper for the BS to hold them to account, if only to make sure that they don’t try to slip through other, more obviously negative events in future.

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