Fishwives tales…

According to Boulangerie Jade, a fishmongers is due to open in September, two doors up hill from them, in the former off-license. Sounds like a useful addition to the high street!


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36 responses to “Fishwives tales…

  1. Maisie

    Well isn’t that good to hear. Not an estate agent or a bookies but the type of shop we thought had vanished from our high streets.

    That said, I won’t use it as I am a veggie…..!

  2. Mat Gough

    Please let it be true!! Now all we need a competing butcher and greengrocer so we don’t have to traipse over to the Blackheath Standard to get quality AND value…

    • Michele O'Brien

      I hope you’re not forgetting Blackheath farmers’ market each week, Mat.

      You dont have to traipse over to the Standard – unless, of course, you particularly want to. All you need do is get down to the farmers’ market in Blackheath station carpark each Sunday morning starting 10am to find superb quality fresh fruit, vegetables, bread, meat, fish, cheese and all sorts of other stuff.

      I reckon the weekly farmers’ market is one of the true gems of living in Blackheath. It’s that good it takes me back to living in France.

      There’s another good farmers’ market in Manor Park, Lee Green, on the first Saturday of each month but it’s not as extensive as the Blackheath one.

  3. Si

    That is perfect for Blackheath. Does anyone know what the Nationwide is going to be as I hear from the comercial agent there have been many offers from various businesses who can take advantage of the A2 usage such as estate agents?

  4. Anonymous

    Or a paint shop.

  5. Chris Seaden

    Might it be The Fishmonger from Greenwich going for a second shop ?
    He’s wonderful. Hope so.

  6. SpanFan

    Brilliant news – hopefully it won’t be as expensive as the one in Greenwich. Agreed that would also be good to have another veg place that isn’t so overpriced, although I guess the rents must be high in the village…

  7. Marion

    Fantastic news! I’m in Eltham but would happily get the train to Blackheath for a decent fishmonger.
    Blackheath is lucky it isn’t going to be a pawnbroker’s.
    We now have FOUR in Eltham High Street.
    Well, that was at the last count. There may well be another before anybody reads this!

  8. Paul

    That is great news. There was, of course, a fish shop in Blackheath a few years go, but towards the end it never offered a decent selection.

    I have been down to Billingsgate several times, and the Fishmonger in Greenwich is not expensive. Prices are variable, ie mackerel in general is cheap but on some days, when catches are poor, the price goes up – so if you happened to buy some on that day you might get the impression of high prices. Overall, Julian’s fish is less expensive than the supermarkets or comparable places like Steve Hatt in the Angel – and the quality is better than the Codfather.

  9. digitalgoldfish

    What we really need is a Waitrose – Push the house prices up and remove the riff-raff ;-) .. M&S really is crap by comparison..

    • Like a hole in the head we do. It would kill off the farmers market in a flash.

      • digitalgoldfish

        Hmm, I’ll take being able to buy decent quality food on a daily basis and the possibility of making Blackheath a nicer place to live, over a middle class over-priced once a week farmer’s market. A farmer’s market does nothing to help the nastiness that is BH on a Fri or Sat night – I was shocked at how roudy and antisocial it is.. Maybe an aspirational store will help shut that awful place opposite Cafe Rouge and the O’Neils.. I don’t understand why Greenwich/Lewisham council allow them to stay open…

      • It’s not overpriced if you buy unprocessed things… Only the pies and cakes etc are expensive. See here if you don’t believe me. I don’t think supermarkets make a place nicer to live in… If anything they have the opposite effect. A Waitrose isn’t going to stop people getting drunk in Cave Austin.

      • I’d like a nice supermarket to provide a range of stuff that I can take home and have for tea on a weekday. A Waitrose/M&S in place of that god-awful 80s throwback CostCutter and/or Shepherd Foods which spends too much of its time trying to be a “fancy products” supermarket is going to serve the Village well.

        I do see your point about the farmers’ market and how it might not survive – I go pretty much every Sunday and you can be damn sure that I’m getting my Sunday roast there over a supermarket but buy things only for Sunday and maybe the day after: are we a nation that buys its fresh weekly shopping once a week any more?

        Back on-topic, nice to see that the Fishmongers is coming: thank God it didn’t end up yet another sodding Estate Agent. I move back into the village in September and my heart sank to know that I have to walk past Foxtons twice a day!

  10. digitalgoldfish

    Well “The Waitrose Effect” is a recognised phenomenon, and given then alternatives; M&S in Blackheath Standard which sells pre-packaged foods at high costs, and is really quite limited, or Sainsbury near Charlton or Lewisham, I think a Waitrose would have a very positive impact. If you think it would destroy the farmers’ market, are you not in effect agreeing that we could do with something better than what’s already there? People vote with their wallets in the end, and more choice is a good thing. As for Cave Austin and O’Neills, i’m sure i can’t be the only one who thinks they are a blight on the Blackheath high street.. I’m not being a snob about it – I like a decent pub as much as the next person, but having lived in the area for 3 months now, i’m really shocked by just how bad it is on a fri/sat, particularly in the Summer, and those 2 seem to be the centre of most of the trouble. Given how much money must be spent on policing those 2 pubs in particular, i’m just surprised they haven’t had their licences revoked..

    • i think we’re talking about two different things here. I agree that there are licensing issues around the pubs in Blackheath…. In fact, I’m pretty sure that there are fairly stringent tests that the licensees are supposed to adhere to – see this older post about the Cumulative Impact Zone. As far as the supermarkets are concerned, I think the best thing to do is keep them as far away from Blackheath as possible. I don’t go along with the Waitrose effect, you’re not going to get M&S to shut down and be replaced, and it terrifies me every time someone posts on here asking for new supermarkets.. There’s no quicker way to kill small local businesses, even if some of them are below par, they still contribute more to the economy and do less environmental damage than that done by the supermarkets.

      • digitalgoldfish

        Yes, i agree I am conflating two points, but they are linked – Making Blackheath more aspirational (which apparently the Waitrose Effect does..) would, I think encourage more residents to write to the council and ask them to sort out the trouble hot-spots. I don’t disagree that super-markets have an impact on local businesses, and going back to this post, i’m very much looking forward to the possibility of a new fishmonger in Blackheath, but saying that I do also find it somewhat anachronistic, and an up-market super-market where i can buy a wide range of high quality foods under one roof simply suits my lifestyle far better, so in that sense, I can make an argument for why I wouldn’t miss the old-style food merchants, because what i get in return is exactly the same, at a cheaper price, and more convenient. I certainly wouldn’t make this argument for all super-markets by any means, and honestly i think most of them are utterly dire and i avoid them at all costs, but Waitrose in my experience is an exception and special case.. Again, i’m not being a snob, but the quality of meat/veg i buy in Waitrose is just as good as Borough market or any of the others, and the notion of having separate shops for each food type just seems out-dated..

    • Anonymous

      Perhaps if you had been here for more than three months you might know that the Village was far worse until it was made a controlled zone a couple of years ago. And who was it that led the battle to constrain licence extensions and put pub landlords on watch? A selfish bunch of ancient millionaires called the Blackheath Society.

      BTW, why is it OK to protest about rowdy pubs but not rowdy music festivals?

      • Ah Anonymous, I think I preferred it when nobody used to read this blog. I think I’m going to stop publishing tetchy comments like this. I hope you would never speak like that to a person you had only just met, so try and pretend to apply the same rules here please.

  11. Si

    OMG, I quite agree with that last post. A large supermarket is a bad idea. What makes Blackheath so great is that it has many small boutique traders and a few larger decent corporate traders. This is a happy mix and we certainly do not want to have a massive chain player in the Village. If anything we need more of a business mix. Therefore the fishmongers is a great addition. On the seperate issue regarding the pubs, has anyone realised that there is conclusive evidence that you increase the opening hours and it naturally becomes anti social. Isn’t the solution obvious and then the problem goes away and these pubs will have to change their business plan and become a quality establishment aimed at the residents of Blackheath?

    • digitalgoldfish

      I didn’t say I wanted one in Blackheath village – There isn’t space for a start, but close enough that it’s accessible.. The M&S could easily be replaced ;)

  12. Michele O'Brien

    Does anyone remember Reg who worked in the fishmongers that used to be where the Nicholas wine shop now is at 13 Tranquil Vale?

    Reg’s unique contribution to wet fish retailing in Blackheath was smutty sexist innuendo.

    Women – and it was predominantly women who did the shopping in those days – who went in the shop were regularly asked if they’d like “a nice piece of tail today” or whether they were after “something for their pussy.”

    Some just laughed it off. Some simply ignored him, putting up with the innuendo with a dismissive shrug. Others walked out in disgust vowing never to return.

    It’s a wonder how the shop did much business at all with Reg there.

    Perhaps it didn’t. The boss, a large, agreeable and obliging man who nonetheless did nothing to check his runty sidekick’s behaviour, committed suicide allegedly over business worries and the shop closed.

    • scared of chives

      …but do you remember the ‘butchers’ on Trafalgar Road (early 90s) which had one, maybe two pieces of meat in the entire shop at any one time?

      The owner used to stand in the doorway with his arms crossed as if to say: ‘don’t you DARE think about buying anything.’

      I’m sure Reg could have taken it over and talked about all that meat…

  13. Marion

    Can I volunteer to have a Waitrose in Eltham then?
    We’ve really only got an awful Sainsburys.

  14. JOhn

    Go online at get deliveries to your front door.

  15. Marion

    If I didn’t go out to do some shopping, John, I wouldn’t go out at all!

  16. Rich

    If Blackheath becomes anymore ‘aspirational’ I will have to find somewhere else to live. It’s already uncomfortably homogenous in many ways. A little bit of diversity wouldn’t do it any harm.

    Those louts in their uncouth bars may be equally offended at bratty children and 4x4s.

  17. Anonymous

    When the M&S site was up for grabs, Waitrose considered it, but rejected it on the grounds that there was insufficient parking. Clearly they wanted trolley shoppers rather than basket shoppers.

  18. mr_chas

    Now that we have the fishmonger, what do we all think ? I think it’s excellent. I also wonder if it’s help boost the trade of the greengrocer, butcher, baker etc

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