SouthEastern trains enthuse about the wonderful steps

Following on from yesterday’s nonsense, there’s another PR inflected piece of tosh here:

Network Rail Blackheath Station becomes accessible for everyone

But with an added helpful soundbite from those experts in timeliness, SouthEastern trains. Vince Lucas, service delivery director, enthuses:

“For our passengers at Blackheath the completion of this project is a real improvement that they can see for themselves. The station is vital to the local community and encouraging more and more people to use trains has to be a good thing. As with other stations which have benefited from similar schemes, we are sure that more passengers will now start to use the train to get around.”

Yes it’s great Vince. I’m sure I will continue to choose SouthEastern over and above the wide range of other train operating companies available to me from Blackheath station, skipping down the beautifully rendered steps as I do so.


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6 responses to “SouthEastern trains enthuse about the wonderful steps

  1. Eve

    Since the newly unveiled, amazing and magnificent steps are narrower than the old ones, could those people who are not in a rush please stick to one side so that others who are can get down to the platform quickly?

  2. Don’t even get me started on SouthEastern. If I had known that this is what I was going to have to put up with from a train company, in all seriousness, I probably wouldn’t have moved to Lewisham.

  3. Buggy user

    I’m quite pleased about the lift actually. I have a buggy and now I can go to London. OK so it took a long time but at least they put in a lift, unlike hundreds of other stations that I can’t use.

    • I totally agree – it’s great that they put in a lift. What drives me nuts is how long it took.

    • Blackheath mom

      All you needed was a helping hand… when I was still a buggy driver myself, I was able to go to London just fine; that is, when SE trains were running properly! :)

      I guess I just wish people were more apt at lending a hand though…

  4. ElizaF

    Blooming hell, South Eastern do let their PR people drink a lot when they are writing blurbs about how wonderful they are!

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