Parakeet Alert!

Scrumping apples from the tree outside!

Not going to win any awards for photography, but you get the idea..

See the incorrectly titled older post The Greenfinch Tree for previous sightings!


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20 responses to “Parakeet Alert!

  1. they’re currently in the communal garden of 93 lee road. are these the missing birds on the posters around the village?

    • No don’t think so – those were budgies (smaller I guess?)

    • I often see parakeets in Catford. I think the story is that they, and lots of other exotic wildlife, simply escaped from the menageries of Victorian weirdos, but the parakeets were hardy enough to actually survive and breed. They can cope with British weather and eat the food (as we can see here!), and are a bit too big for cats to tackle. Periodically people talk about culling them, but I don’t think anyone’s worked out how. There is also a fanciful story about the first two London parakeets being Jimi Hendrix’s escaped pets…

    • macdonald

      There are at least a dozen in Casterbridge Road. I think they are wild parrots.

  2. It’s weird. We used to live in Redhill and there were some parakeets there too. I think they must have followed us to Blackheath! I like them but they always wake me up in the morning with their screeching…

  3. There are only one set of parakeets roaming Blackheath/Greenwich right?

  4. You can see them very regularly on the extra-large feeder on Vanbrugh Park – it’s hanging off a tree, tied to someone’s house.

  5. jon lee

    The other rumour about the parakeets is that they escaped from film studios in west London, Ealing or Elmtree or somewhere. They are certainly more common in west London-Kew Gardens is full of them.

  6. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    Not one flock — lots. Population is probably in thousands. Parakeets have been common in Blackheath for about 10-12 years but they are known all over London, including Kew/Richmond/Hampton Court.

    There’s a project at Imperial College to do a population study

  7. They’re all over the place!

    We’ve got several in two large trees just beyond our back garden. The bloody racket they make when they’re arguing has to be heard to be believed.

    The biggest flock I’ve evr seen was last summer when 13 of them flew overhead while I was fielding at fine leg during cricket at the Old Roan playing field. Luckily the ball didn’t come my way as I counted them!

    Sadly, although they’re novel for many people, they are harmful to indigenous species. It’s odd that I regard parakeets as completely normal but raise my eyebrows when I see a sparrow.

  8. Blackheath Bird

    Interesting point about the danger to indigenous species. Is there any hard evidence about this? I know woodpeckers were said to be under threat as those pesky parakeets were grabbing conveniently positioned, pre-drilled nesting holes. Oddly, woodpeckers (green and spotted) seem to have been on the increase recently, certainly where I live. Parakeets don’t eat or compete with sparrows, so they can’t be blamed there, either, but what about other species?

  9. There is a Beeb report that for some reason I can’t C&P onto here about research showing parakeets scare other birds away from feeders.

    The reesarch team is headed by a lady called Hannah Peck…..

  10. Moosh

    Between late August and Late October every year there’s tons of the buggers in the trees by the Bus Stand on Royal Parade. I live just opposite. As annoying as their bickering is, it’s about the only thing that drowns out the constant drone of bus engines whilst they’re at the Bus Stand, as they never bloody shut them off! Rant.

  11. Lazy_T

    Station’s open!

  12. Izzyrocks

    Greetings from Greenwich. In the past couple of months a particularly lively flock of the little darlings (I’d say around ten) have taken up residence on the lower part of the Royal Hill estate on the junction of Royal Hill/Blissett Street. They swoop between the flat blocks with great elan – but the minute they start nibbling the plants on my balcony I’m getting my catapult. Better than the hundreds of pigeons we used to have, mind.

  13. baaatobono

    I love them. All we ever see other than them really are crows, magpies and pigeons. We have a big communal garden and I’ve seen baby (indigenous) birds being pecked to death by the over abundant crows. It’s total rubbish anyhow that they’ve harmed indigenous species to any significant extent. (I do see robins, sparrows, thrushes, cuckoos, starlings etc etc).
    I even had a wall mural made for my dull bathroom with a few parakeets on it. Cheeky, cheery critters – I love it when a group of them hangs upside down on the gutters and peer in the flat window at me.

  14. Alan Burkitt-Gray

    According to Project Parakeet’s latest newsletter there are 30,500 parakeets in the UK now, mostly — from the map on the newsletter — in south and west London.

  15. Anonymous

    I used to work in Barnes and this was the first time I saw them (around 2005). This year they have reached Charlton. A flock of around 30 (seriously) has just flown over my place. Saw loads in Greenwich park on Sunday as well.

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