The Wrong Kind of Steps

So it’s official. The gossip from a taxi driver that appeared on this blog earlier seems to he true.

Labour councillor Kevin Bonavia just tweeted that Network Rail have indeed ordered the wrong size steps, which means we have the pleasure of Blackheath’s (wobbly) Millennium Bridge until at least July 31st. Nice that they came out and told us straight away. Maybe a friendly sign will go up soon.

Our rail system is a fucking shambles.


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28 responses to “The Wrong Kind of Steps

  1. ElizaF

    Oh (£”*** 3%^&*()(*& )(*Y*(!) -ing great! First the trains in the last week in June were broken down, cancelled, delayed or sitting outside London Bridge for 45 mins (thank Southeastern, you bunch of tilly wats!)

    All in all, a great week for people like me who just started a new job. Really outstanding!

    Now Network Rail are getting in on the act too – wahay!!

    Bad enough that it is a job and a half to get a buggy on to the London platform and impossible for wheelchair users ….. now it will be August (and the rest) before it is resolved because someone cannot use a B *$^! y ruler.

    Amazing what we (and the damm government we elected) are happy to let pass as a “service”

  2. ElizaF

    Sorry, that last part of the first paragraph should have read: THANKS Southeastern, you bunch of tilly wats!)

    Otherwise, it looks like I am calling BB users the wrude name.

    It was the wine, it made me do it. (and Southeastern have driven me to the wine!)

  3. Si

    Please do not use “fucking” on your blog

  4. Kay

    @ Si – Please do not use fucking in your comments because BB used fucking in his blog :)

  5. Marnie

    So I heard from Bonds the hairdressers that they had put the new lift in the wrong way round, hence the delay…

  6. According to an ‘informed source’ who works for the cabs, the painter of the new bollards down the side of the station came up from Southampton each day ‘cos that’s who got the contract …

  7. ElizaF

    That explains a lot about the progress so far, the contractors are depending on the trains to get to work!

  8. scared of chives

    @ElizaF I blame Thatcher (and her fucking handbag)

    I like the fact that BB uses rude words on the blog – I once used ‘warm piss’ and it got through….

  9. You have made this up, haven’t you…..??!!

  10. Adrian


    You could not make up the incompetency of Network Rail, no-one would believe you. I mean, lift in wrong way round, wrong kind of steps, choose the painter from Southampton.

    Seriously, I do pity the less able in the Blackheath population who have to use the rickety bridge. In rain. Or worse the snow. Te irony that installing a lift means that for 10 months they are not able to use the trains because of this.

    Its just so lucky that Blackheath is only full or young, able, fit people who can leap across the rickety bridge like spring lambs across a field.

  11. Michele O'Brien

    Latest word from non-rail sources at the station – installation of the lift is expected to be completed by next week starting Monday July 18.

    But does anybody care to wager that the lift will not have broken down or otherwise be out of action sometime within the first two months of it coming into operation?

  12. scared of chives

    Most lifts have warm….no, I won’t go there.

    The legislation (including making ‘reasonable adjustments’ to premises etc) to enable disabled people to have full access to services came into force years ago… why so late?

  13. Si

    Within the first week it will be closed for some sort of repair . An indication of confidence will be if they remove the temp bridge …

  14. Neil Rhind

    I am concerned about the newest report on the “wrong sort of steps”. I heard this last year as an explanation for the delay. Does that mean that the re-ordered steps were also adrift? Yes, the lift will go wrong quite soon because Blackheath is an unmanned station outside office hours and hooligans have no respect for the aged and disabled. No lift means the infirm will have to go back to what they did for the first 162 years of Blackheath Station’s time – struggle up and down the (hopefully right) sort of steps or go by bus or don’t go at all.

    Changing the subject I see that the Sun-in-the-Sands pub has closed. Not too surprised but after 215 years seems a pity.

    Does anyone remember the White Hart beer house which operated from No 10 Montpelier Vale and closed in March 1960? I am hunting for an image when it was an operational boozer.

    Neil again

    • I believe the Sun In The Sands pub is being refurbished, following a fire in the cellar earlier in the year. It has been closed a while, though. I also heard a rumour that it is to be turned into a restaurant, but don’t know any more than that.

  15. Michele O'Brien

    @Neil Rhind:
    “…Yes, the lift will go wrong quite soon because Blackheath is an unmanned station outside office hours and hooligans have no respect for the aged and disabled …”

    Network Rail must surely have realized that installing a passenger lift at Blackheath station is bound to prove an unmissable attraction for vandals, drunks with full bladders, spray-can taggers and other anti-social elements.

    This will apply especially at night when the station is totally unstaffed but also probably during those parts of each day when the lone staffer on duty at the station is barricaded inside the ticket office.

    And come to that, why should station staff be expected to risk harm to themselves attempting to deter trouble makers in the first place? They’re not law enforcement officers.

    So the question is why go to all the expense and nine months of disruption for passengers in installing the lift when, as Neil Rhind suggests, it is likely to be out of action due to vandalism within weeks of coming into service,

    • Worth bearing in mind that the DLR stations are almost all unmanned, and most have lifts – in my experience they’re in service most of the time. Obviously, it would still be better if Blackheath wasn’t unmanned for a whole variety of reasons, though.

  16. Prefer the Steps

    None of the new lifts at Lewisham has been vandalised as far as I know even though the station is unmanned in the evenings. Maybe vandalism is something we should be encouraging: that way we might get some staff back.

  17. Henrietta Gwynn

    Anyone else hate the closure of the blue door, exit corridor from Platform 2…especially at peak evening travel times? Looks like a handrail has been permanently installed on the outside of the door…so there will be no second exit during the evenings. It’s awful for people trying to make their way down the corridor to catch trains when hoardes are making their way to the street.

  18. Prefer the Steps

    Yes, hate it too, even if the secret door further along platform 2 is now sometimes open.
    This follows on the closure of the exit from Platform 4 at Lewisham, which is a real, real pain.
    The Blackheath Society have made representations about the Lewisham exit, so I imagine they would do the same for our local station.

  19. Si

    Come on Blackheath Society please get the second exit open ! I might even fogive you for the festival farce .

  20. Matthew Gough

    I’m delighted to announce that the lift and new staircase are now open for business! As I speak a horde of men in hi-viz gear are debating with a man in a suit about whether they are supposed to remove the bridge or not…

  21. Si

    Did the mayor of lewisham open it ?

  22. Adrian

    Looks like the steps are open. Well, the door was open and no plastic tape over it.

    Anyone want a sweepstake as to long it gets graffiti ?

  23. scared of chives

    Fantastic! just need to drinks pints of water and hang around outside…

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