Bits and pieces

Matt writes:

Found Set of keys attached to polished stone key ring. Found by phone box by St Margarets Passage on Sunday 3rd morning. They are now behind the bar at The Dacre pub.

Eve writes:

Went for a run around the heath earlier this evening – when I went past the pond outside the Princess of Wales pond, I’d noticed that it’d been invaded by algae, and unfortunately, I think I also saw a dead duck floating there. It might’ve been a dead-duck-shaped piece of debris – perhaps someone who has better eyesight can confirm what it is.

Also, in a completely separate issue, that old Bullfrog shop in the Village has been replaced by a maternity/baby shop.

I suspect the baby shop could do pretty well in Blackheath- no shortage of pushchairs around here! The PoW pond is looking pretty grimy at the moment, I guess it’s just the hot weather, but maybe there’s another reason I don’t know about?


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9 responses to “Bits and pieces

  1. Ian Watson

    I remember my granddad taking me there when I was a young un and sailing his crafted yachts he made for me and my brother, halcyon days…

  2. scared of chives

    I think there are about 14 baby shops in Greenwich…

  3. Eve

    Just to let you know that I’ve reported it to Lewisham Council, who’ve passed it on to Glendales for investigation. They also suggested using the website to report such issues.

  4. Anonymous

    Compare and contrast with the H&B pond, where a dedicated band of boozers regularly clear the floating pennywort rather than wait for Glendale to do its job.
    As for the PoW, a fortune was spent removing old trees and rebuilding drainage without any subsequent care. it can’t have helped that crap from an invasion by flocks of geese and ducks is rarely – if ever – cleaned up. The irony is that this was created – and once bylawed – as a boating pond , yet Crapdale has banned this traditional use.
    Perhaps the worst case of neglect, however, is Folly Pond, where algae has been allowed to bloom for years. This is a World Heritage Site, fer godsake, and is the first impression for many tourists as they pile off their coaches. A bit of effort and it could be returned to glory as a boating pond seen in Victorian photographs.

  5. Anonymous

    Baby shops have come and gone in the Village over the last 20 years. Expect to see summer sale signs within a few weeks.

  6. Well there’s a cheery comment from Anonymous (why not use your name?).

    Anyway… on the baby front, I hear that Jojo Maman Bebe sought permission to put a ramp at the front of the shop so that mothers with buggies could enter more easily but were turned down (not sure if it was Blackheath Soc or council). Of course if Foxtons wanted a ramp it would be fine…

  7. Sue

    Interesting to see that the rather steep steps leading up to the new baby shop have not been replaced with a ramp which would have been perhaps more sensible given that the target shoppers are parents and carers with buggies! I asked a poor shop assistant, who was struggling down the steps with a very heavy looking pram, whether they intended to build a ramp and she replied that it would be unlikey as it is a listed building.

  8. Matt

    Thank you for posting the message about the keys. I’ll have to make a trip to The Dacre this weekend to see if anyone collected them (any excuse…).

  9. Belinda

    Re: Jojo Baby Maman – aren’t they required to be accessible under the Equality Act?

    Maybe they could invest in a portable ramp that could be set up and taken down as required?

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