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Bits and pieces

Matt writes:

Found Set of keys attached to polished stone key ring. Found by phone box by St Margarets Passage on Sunday 3rd morning. They are now behind the bar at The Dacre pub.

Eve writes:

Went for a run around the heath earlier this evening – when I went past the pond outside the Princess of Wales pond, I’d noticed that it’d been invaded by algae, and unfortunately, I think I also saw a dead duck floating there. It might’ve been a dead-duck-shaped piece of debris – perhaps someone who has better eyesight can confirm what it is.

Also, in a completely separate issue, that old Bullfrog shop in the Village has been replaced by a maternity/baby shop.

I suspect the baby shop could do pretty well in Blackheath- no shortage of pushchairs around here! The PoW pond is looking pretty grimy at the moment, I guess it’s just the hot weather, but maybe there’s another reason I don’t know about?


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Race for Life, Blackheath 2011

Good luck to everyone taking part in the Race for Life today.

Bad luck if you’re trying to negotiate the traffic lights next to CostCutter. At least one of the bulbs has blown. Amber is working though, so that’s handy.

Here’s a few Race for Life posts from 2008 to keep you going.
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UPDATE: Seems SouthEastern are running their usual quality weekend service:

“_SouthEastern: RT @KBslittlesis #southeastern you bunch of losers! Engineering works when 10k women & their families need to get to Blackheath for R4L!…”


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