More on the car crash

Last night Sgt McClellan of the local Safer Neighbourhoods Team has sent out the circular below to all his local contacts, including the BVRG.

Dear All

Tonight at 1750 hours a blue Volvo was chased by police that was involved in firearms, and failed to stop for police. It was chased around Lee High Road, and eventually crashed at 12 Blackheath Village SE3, at the butchers. The vehicle mounted the kerb and drove on the footway from the little roundabout, all the way down between the shops and the bus stops ON THE FOOTWAY, making people dive out the way quickly. A very dangerous driver. Two males have been arrested and are currently being processed at Lewisham Police Station.

I have sent out a witness appeal via the text message system, as the more people that come forward the better, this male needs to be sent to prison and the team are investigating him now.

Please can you canvas as many people as possible and get them to call 0300 123 1212 with the details of what they saw, this can then be collated in all one place.

Thanks in anticipation.

Sergeant Mark McLellan MInstLM | Blackheath and Lee Green SNT | Lewisham Borough
address 43 Lewisham High Street, SE13 5JZ
telephone 0208 284 8497 | mobile 0755 7676 271 |email mark.mclellan AT
airwave (108900) 475525

With the usual caveats about speaking to the police (link is US-centric, but you get the idea).


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11 responses to “More on the car crash

  1. Mp

    Thought the last line of your post a little unnecessary.

  2. BHS

    Fortunately the members of the public who assisted in the apprehension of the fleeing driver in Wemyss Road seemed to show rather more public spirit than the last line of your post intimates.

    • Which is a good thing. I don’t really believe that members of the public shouldn’t assist the police in most circumstances. But the two videos are interesting and thought provoking.

  3. Rich192

    Given the seriousness of this incident I am completely dumfounded that you feel the need to add a link suggesting that you should ‘never never ever speak to the police even if you are innocent’. Perhaps I am missing something?

  4. Mike Rivers

    The bugle is turning into Fox news. Putting a link to a page which explicitly states to “never ever talk to the police”, directly following a story about the police arresting someone, is cowardly journalism.

    It’s implied that is your opinion. Stating otherwise is ridiculous.

    Here’s another interesting link:

  5. Anonymous

    Project of an outlet center in the O2 or close to it

  6. Michelle O'Brien

    Thank you, Anonymous, it was high time somebody pointed this out – “Project of an outlet center in the O2 or close to it.”

    Nobody can say now they weren’t told.

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