Stabbing and car crash

Stabbing up in Blackheath Standard, and a car crash opposite the butchers in Blackheath village. Nasty business.


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9 responses to “Stabbing and car crash

  1. ND

    looks more like a car crash INTO the butchers

  2. Moments earlier the car was being driven at speed down the pavement outside the Lawns on Lee Terrace …

  3. SB

    Apparently there was a stabbing near M and S food store in Blackheath. Car park was cordoned off.

  4. digitalgoldfish

    Any more details on the stabbing? I’ve just moved in to Parkside from Tower Hamlets to get away from this kind of thing, as my fiancée was attacked there, just outside our flat..Now however, she walks up to M&S frequently, so loathed to tell her about this until I have more info..Appreciate it can happen anywhere, and no point worrying her unnecessarily..

  5. Anonymous

    pupil from Blue Coats school I was told.

  6. @digitalgoldfish I’ve lived off Old Dover Rd for 8 years and this is the first incident like this I’ve been aware of.

      • annastamour

        Not sure what that has to do with this incident though Bugle. That was a random and horrible accident, rather more related to the crash at the Butchers in the village than a fight between kids. I’m with neilclasper. I have lived at in Blackheath Standard for 6 years and find it a lovely place to be.

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