Sad little messages

Budgie missing
As Mrs Bugle once owned a budgie called Charlie, I feel duty bound to inform you of the sad little message pinned to a lamp post near the Thai restaurant. If anyone has seen two budgies, please call 07944063727.

Equally as depressing, the “pint sized library offer” currently available at the Age Exchange, open monday-friday 10-5, saturday 10-4, closed on Sunday. Phase 2 opens on August 1st.

Incidentally, can anyone explain to me why it would be a good idea to permanently close the side exit from Blackheath station by barricading it with a bannister? Tired commuters on their way home used to love gasping out into the open air. No more.


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2 responses to “Sad little messages

  1. Dr Nick

    Re your request on why our local train services provider (and possibly railway infrastructure provider, too) would like to close the side exit at Blackheath Station: Revenue Protection.

    Don’t forget, we had some of the highest fare rises in the country last year, as well as a 50% reduction in rush-hour train services.

    That isn’t the kind of conjunction that happens in the real world very often, so the various service provider management droids must think their luck’s in, and are going for the kill.

    The final step is to pen in the hapless, stifled, miserable commuters and funnel them through an 8-deep flock of revenue protection officers.

    I know it used to cost the taxpayer a lot less (yes, less), but I kind of preferred British Rail to the pig’s ear/dog’s breakfast arrangement we have now.

  2. Jim

    When side exit was first blocked I went round to the ticket office to ask about it . The ticket guy said that he would open the car park platform exit (the one opened for the Marathon) on Monday(I was asking on a Sunday) as he suspected he would get a lot of objections. It’s seems not enough people complained as it’s still not open.

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